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Office Essentials: Convert PDF to PDF/A Efficiently



The Portable Document Format, or PDF, was created in the early 1990s. During that time, sharing documents among different computers and operating systems could be difficult, so the idea was to develop a file format that would preserve fixed file format. It has evolved into one of the world’s most widely used document formats. PDFs are incredibly beneficial for everyone in keeping records in a consistent format or sending essential documents, PDFs ensure that the person viewing the document sees it exactly as it was expected.

PDF/A is a modified form of the PDF format which makes sure a file can be reproduced in the same manner no matter what application has been used. Essentially, all of the information required to display the document and its elements, in the same manner, is embedded in the file, keeping your documents protected, accessible, and reliable in the long run.

Great Features of GogoPDF

Convert PDF to PDFA efficiently with GogoPDF, a dependable PDF tool that ensures that their users are safe from any malicious online activities. All documents and information uploaded to their website will be deleted after an hour of processing due to their Privacy Policy. You can be certain that it will only be used for the purpose you expected.

Furthermore, you can use GogoPDF’s website and its features regardless of whether you are using a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet. You also don’t have to download or install anything on your computer. It is a completely web-based platform where all processes will take place online. You can use GogoPDF to compress PDF files, convert them to other file formats, and repair corrupted files. You will not be able to access these functions in a standard PDF viewer, but with GogoPDF, you can complete all of these tasks using a web browser.

Whenever you’d like to convert your PDF files to another format, just upload the file to the website and it will be converted in such little time. This is also true for compressing a PDF file to make it smaller in size. It is expected to be quick and convenient. Furthermore, if you find that your PDF file is corrupted and cannot be opened, you could use this tool to repair it. You can also use the Merge feature to combine all of your PDF files and save them as a single document. You can save space on your computer while still keeping copies of all your important papers with these. It will be converted at the same quality as the original file, so there will be no technical problems.

GogoPDF also allows you to perform some basic viewing and editing features that are not available in a standard PDF viewer. It is also the best option if you do not want to pay for additional software to be installed on your gadgets. This other method for consolidating and keeping your PDF file up to date is to delete some unnecessary pages. Rather than just creating or converting another document, simply use GogoPDF’s Delete Pages function. It’s a handy tool that allows you to delete any pages in the file that you select. You can consider using GogoPDF to add page numbers to long documents that need to be numbered. There are options for customizing its appearance and ensuring that it matches the current format of your file. This is most appropriate for research papers and contracts.

How to Convert PDF to PDF/A

With a sufficient internet connection, visit the GogoPDF’s website. Choose “Convert PDF to PDF/A” from the services listed on the homepage. Identify and select the file or files that you want to convert to PDF/A. The conversion will begin, and you will receive a message confirming that your file is now in PDF/A format. When the file is in PDF/A format, you can then either download it directly to your storage or copy the link and share it via social media or email. And with that, you have accomplished converting a PDF file to a PDF/A! It’s never been easier to save your digital documents, so do yourself a favor and get rid of that file cabinet once and for all.


Nowadays, mobile devices, whether smartphones or tablets are more than capable of processing documents that only computers could do previously. However, the more documents we manage on the go, the more apps we require to open various file types. They can sometimes clog up your app drawer, let alone take up a lot of storage space. Fortunately, there is one online tool that provides a solution to this predicament – the GogoPDF. It enables users to open and edit PDF files even when they are in the comfort of their trusted mobile companion. It simplifies document management by allowing you to convert any file type to PDF, particularly PDF to PDF/A. Converting your files to PDF helps make them less prone to alteration, irrespective of the platform on which you read them. This is a useful feature, particularly for important documents whose data should not be altered.

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