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Benefits of CRM for Law Firms and Attorneys



CRM for law firms

CRM for law firms

Running a law or advocate office requires interest, frequent communication and perfect organization and memory of meetings, hearings, and consultations. Traditional methods of managing all responsibilities are not always practical, Today, crm for attorneys is necessary in order to make better communication with clients.

CRM is a solution that allows to significantly facilitate the work of the office and make it more effective is a modern CRM system, i.e. a program for managing customer relations. It will enable not only to conduct efficient communication but also to enable electronic circulation of documents and their archiving and planning tasks facing the office. This is considerable facilitation that is worth using.

CRM system

Suppose you run your law firm and are looking for solutions that will improve the functioning of your company, take advantage of our offer. Download a demo of the GoNet CRM system for a law firm for free. Thanks to this, you will learn about the system, its operation and the possibilities it offers. There are no additional fees or obligations – it is only up to you whether you decide to implement the full version of the system.

The free demo we offer is a tribute to our clients – we know perfectly well that nowadays nobody wants to pay to purchase solutions that may not work. However, we know that our system is one of the most modern solutions on the market, which can meet the expectations of even the most demanding enterprises.

CRM for your law firm

Fluent communication is the base for resolving any case, both in civil, administrative, and criminal law. Gather all the mentioned messages in one place so that no important detail is omitted in the case. Organize contacts according to the nature of cooperation.

They allow you to introduce many models of settlements to clients. Financial rates can be determined for selected lawyers or a specific patron.

When setting up a case, it is enough to choose the client’s preferred billing model – from a lump sum with fixed hourly limits through permanent and design contracts. The system will allow for the introduction of relative and absolute rates and payment of liabilities in instalments.

CRM for attorney and lawyers

The platform’s flexibility is its greatest asset. By customizing the lists, you decide what you want to see by browsing the inventory of your clients. In addition, the platform will inform you via notifications about relationships that require attention.

With hourly billing, the system will enable the invoicing of hours per customer and provide a list of activities undertaken within the registered working time.

An invoice for the service will be generated from the system about the closed subject of the case or to its completed stage. It will also be possible to settle one invoice in several payments from the customer or settle multiple invoices with one bank statement.

For lump sum orders for which the invoicing hours are not charged, the system will allow the manager to analyze work progress.

The system supports both small and large law firms.

Thanks to the extensive authorization options, only authorized persons can access information about ongoing cases and contractors.

Handling of cases

The handling of cases will be adapted to the law firm’s policy – selected employees will accept claims from clients, appoint lawyers responsible for the implementation of individual stages, verify the finalization of activities and conduct financial settlements.

Following the GDPR, they limit access to personal data to the maximum extent to groups of employees or people who should receive them as part of the activities carried out for the law firm.

They offer an online CRM system – you can use it anywhere; all you need is Internet access. You can also limit access to selected IP numbers or office hours.

They create comprehensive CRM software for law firms thanks to the appropriate configuration of the most flexible system in Poland – they, which we dynamically develop, following the expectations of our clients.

They also adjust many of the introduced novelties for lawyers:

  • They provide a dedicated mobile application, thanks to which the lawyer uses the system wherever he is – on the road, in court, or at the clients. He can immediately register a phone call connected with a specific case, view the calendar of tasks, or report a travel settlement to a client or court.
  • Proprietary e-mailbox – will organize e-mail communication with customers. A full-contact history is automatically built by linking each received message with the client’s file. At the same time, the lawyer can send consultation messages to other employees of the law firm, intuitively redirect messages, and instantly associate them with the case or the action being performed.
  • They also offer an electronic document flow module – helps the office administration generate and manage letters, applications, and contracts. The system enables predefining letter templates, causing them to files or sending them via e-mail. The multi-phase circulation of documents is related to the approval options of each stage by authorized persons.

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