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Recommendation for Smart Band with High Cost Performance



Due to the continuous improvement of social productivity, the convenience of life is increasing. It makes people do less physical exercise in daily life. Their physical quality decreases, leading to various physical diseases. They affect their health.

smart watch

smart watch

People pay attention to their own health. The creation of smart wearable devices has given consumers new channels. Only through a small smart band can one realize real-time monitoring of various health data. It is an important way for people to protect their own health. More cutting-edge technologies are popularized. At present, the choice of smart bands is various. Their functions are quite powerful. Such as GPS positioning system, sleep monitoring and various motion modes, etc.

After summarizing evaluation and the feedback of consumers, several bands are selected for comparison. Most consumers are more concerned about their price, function and endurance.

smart watch

smart watch

HONOR band 5 is wonderful as an entry-level smart band with high cost performance. The price of Fatbit and Garmin is higher. They have the same function. The screen of HONOR band 5 uses AMOLED full color screen. It matched with blood oxygen detection SPO2 detection, sleep monitoring, etc. The endurance is 14 days.

However, some bands on the market also use AMOLED color large screens. They support sleep REM detection and multi-exercise modes in function. But they do not have blood oxygen monitoring function and are deficient in health function.

In addition, Amazfit Bip is a good product. It doesn’t have much price reduction and has strong value preservation. This smart watch has amazing endurance, up to 45 days. Functionally, it has GPS, online and offline payment, heart rate monitoring, and other multiple functions. It is rough on the screen, which will affect certain user experience. And compared with HONOR band 5, its price is higher.

The main functions of most current smart bands are not much different. It can meet the daily use needs of consumers. When making choices, we should know whether the products have the expected functions.

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