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7 Patek Philippe Watches You Need to Get Your Hands On



Patek Philippe collectors are different from other watch collectors. They are not flashy because they do not have to be. The elegance and craftsmanship behind each watch speak for themselves, and Patek owners are well aware of this. Listed below are Patek timepieces that collectors would love to get their hands on:

  1. Nautilus, Ref. 5711/1A

Ref. 5711 was introduced in 2006. This Patek reference is a modern update of the original Patek Philippe Nautilus ref. 3700. The company introduced the original in 1976. It was a stainless steel luxury watch designed in 1973 by Gerald Genta. This model was lauded for its graceful incorporation of the remarkable details of the original with its contemporary style. 

The Ref. 5711 model features an 8.3mm thick, porthole-shaped case larger than the original. It has an embossed black blue or silvery-white dial framed by an octagonal-shaped bezel. The calendar function appears in a window at three o’clock and has a sapphire case back. Behind it is a manufacture Calibre 324 SC, a product of incorporated Patek Philippe innovations. It is equipped with a central rotor in 21k gold, and its movement offers a power reserve of 45 hours. This timepiece instantly became a hit among collectors upon its emergence. 

  1. Patek Philippe, Ref. 1518

Reference 1518 was released in 1941 and marked the beginning of an era for Patek Philippe. This model was not only the first wristwatch of the brand to ever feature a chronograph and a perpetual calendar, but it was also the first in the world to ever been made in a series. 

Many serious collectors of vintage watches find this revolutionary model a must-have. With only 281 examples, this watch is exceedingly rare. Four are known in stainless steel, 34 are in pink gold, and the majority in yellow gold. 

  1. Sky Moon Celestial, Ref. 6102P

Any watch collector, especially those familiar with the early 20th-century oeuvre of Patek Philippe, will immediately recognize Sky Moon Celestial, Ref 6102P. This model was introduced in 2015, paying homage to the distinguished history of the brand. 

Ref. 6102P highlights a sky chart and blue sapphire crystal disks for the moon phases. Its dial has three metalized sapphire-crystal discs and an ellipse framing the portion of the sky visible from Geneva. The reference prides itself on the exact configuration of the nocturnal sky in the northern hemisphere. 

  1. First Ladies Chronograph, Ref. 7071

Nouvelle Lémania in 1986 exclusively developed and produced a caliber for Patek Philippe, and Ref. 7071 was the successor to it. This timepiece was dubbed the Ladies First Chronograph. Ref. 7071 is not only beautiful and sophisticated but also intricately engineered. The brand chose this model to present its first entirely in-house traditional chronograph movement with this timepiece. 

Ladies First Chronograph features a crystal case back and utilizes a chronograph which is a rarity in watches for ladies. The long-awaited caliber CH 29-535 PS manually wound chronograph movement proudly shows off its roots, standing out with several innovations and patented improvements that optimize the functionality and reliability of the chronograph. 

  1. Patek Philippe, Ref. 1463

In its 29-year long manufacturing, from 1940 to 1969, only 800 examples were released. Reference 1463, otherwise known as Tasti Tondi by Italian collectors, was the first water-resistant chronograph to go into regular production. It was then a symbol of adventure and modernity in the context of the 1940s and 50s. 

  1. Pater Philippe, Ref. 3417

Made between 1959 and 1968, Patek Philippe released approximately only 500 examples. This wristwatch was specifically designed to cater to scientists and engineers working around strong magnetic fields that can destroy the ability of a watch to keep time. It has a simple style yet can blend with cutting-edge technology. 

  1. Perpetual Calendar Chronograph, Ref. 5970P

Reference 5970 is a direct descendant of the iconic references 1518 and 2499 of Patek Philippe. Its balanced proportions and modern style were greatly admired by collectors. Despite its contemporary style, it still has the perfect amount of classic roots of its revered vintage models. 

The production of 5970 only lasted from 2004 to 2011. It is the shortest production period for any Patek Perpetual Calendar Chrono. This model was also the last perpetual calendar chronograph of the company to use a highly outsourced movement. Its classic aesthetics and rarity make any version of 5970 highly sought after by collectors. 

Reasons Why Patek Philippe Collectors Love the Brand

What Patek collectors love about the Swiss brand is its scarcity, design, investment value, and the Patek Philippe DNA. The production behind these timepieces is so detailed that it takes nine months to make its most basic design and more than two years to craft some of its more complicated watches. Every detail of a model is hand-finished and done intricately. The dial designs, hand-polished hands, and faceted baton are similarly unrivaled. And whether vintage or modern, Patek Philippe resale value trumps that of all other makers.

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