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Father’s Day 2021: 5 Best Hublot Watches to Buy for Your Dad



Father’s Day is fast approaching. If you’re looking for a great gift that your dad will appreciate even beyond the occasion, think beyond the typical wallets, baseball caps, or the usual whiskey-lover kits. Instead, gift your dad with a luxury watch. One that he can pass on as an heirloom or something that they can sell for a higher price in the future. 

Dads love their watches and it’s often evident with their collections of timepieces for different purposes: everyday use, sports, and formal occasions. Whether it’s because they’re captivated by the intricate mechanisms or it just makes them feel like an MI6 agent, a watch can instantly sharpen up their looks, thus boosting their confidence. 

If your dad is one of the kind, a watch just makes sense for a Father’s Day present. But, which watch should you buy? 

What Makes Hublot Watches the Best Father’s Day Gift

Hublot is a Swiss luxury watchmaker known for representing the Art of Fusion in watches. Founded in 1980, Hublot broke new grounds in the watchmaking history when it paired gold with rubber. Its bezel had the distinctive shape of a ship’s porthole, which translates to “hublot” in French. 

This first Hublot watch sparked the brand’s creative idea of fusing unlikely pairings of materials such as carbon fiber, ceramics, and rubber. Several years later, it has perfected the art of fusion, joining classic aesthetics, bold designs, and quality materials in their watches. Such competence is what allowed Hublot to establish an unrivaled reputation in the watch industry. Today, almost any Hublot watch makes a valuable investment. It makes the selection easier as all that’s left to do is to find one that matches your dad’s taste and your budget. 

5 Best Hublot Watches to Give This Father’s Day 

1. Big Bang Black Magic Automatic Grey Dial Ref. 301 CI1770 RX 

Black goes well with pretty much anything, and the same can be said for watches. While the color isn’t much of a concern, it’s the style and material that are often given more attention. Take this Hublot Big Bang Black Magic automatic watch for example. It has every detail of a luxurious-looking watch with its black dial, luminous hands, and 44.5mm ceramic case. In a true Hublot style, it features robust, black leather straps. 

This watch houses a Hublot Calibre HUB4100 automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve and 100m water resistance. With this timepiece, you get exactly what you’re looking for in a black dial watch, if not more. 

2. Big Bang Chronograph Automatic Black Dial Ref. 341 SB 131 RX 

The Big Bang Carbon Fiber is all about attention to detail. It is handcrafted by skilled watchmakers, sporting a black carbon fiber dial in a 41mm stainless steel case and black rubber straps. Other interesting features include a fixed black ceramic bezel, sapphire crystal glass, and luminescent hands and index hour markers, this is a best smartwatch for battery life

Like other Big Bang Carbon Fiber watches, it runs in HUB4100 automatic chronograph movement and has a 100-meter water-resistant feature. It’s a durable Hublot watch that doesn’t fall short in quality materials built to last. 

3. Spirit of Big Bang Black Magic Automatic Black Dial Ref. 601 CI 0173 

The Spirit of Big Bang is Hublot’s exclusive collection of barrel-shaped watches. It features layers of clever construction and thoughtful combinations of colors, materials, and finishes. 

This particular reference features a silver dial in a 45mm ceramic case and transparent caseback. It is powered by the Calibre HUB4700 automatic chronograph movement with a 50-hour power reserve and is presented in elegant black rubber straps. 

4. Classic Fusion Ceramic King Gold Automatic Black Dial Ref. 511 CO 1781 

True to its name, the Hublot Classic Fusion is the complete opposite of the busy and bold Big Bang. But, what it lacks in style, it makes up for in high-quality materials and essential features like a simple date window that’s legible and fuss-free. 

This Classic Fusion offers impressive features in a 45mm matte black case that provides the perfect background for an 18K King Gold bezel. These include a 50m water resistance, 42-hour power reserve, and the HUB1112 caliber movement. Overall, the black and gold combination gives the watch a bold and powerful look. 

5. Classic Fusion Titanium Green Automatic Green Dial Ref. 511 NX 8970 

Another Classic Fusion entry in this list is this automatic green dial watch. It offers the same features as the gold and black combination—a 50m water resistance, 42-hour power reserve, and the HUB1112 caliber movement. But, what makes it different is its 45mm titanium case and green leather straps. Add that to the olive green dial, which is a new color of expression in the watchmaking industry these days. 


Wondering what to get your father this Father’s Day? Look no further than these Hublot watches. In case you haven’t quite found the one that reflects your father’s style and character best, you can always browse for more options from Hublot’s authorized retailers. 

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