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How An Intro Maker Can Increase Your Youtube Profit!



With 2 billion monthly users on YouTube, anyone who’s serious about their online presence needs a YouTube channel. It’s a great way to grow your customer base and promote your business. Don’t forget that you can also make money directly from YouTube itself. Either way, you’ll need people to view your videos. The perfect way to make them stand out is with the help of an intro maker. You can view more intro templates to give you an idea of what’s possible. 

How an Intro Maker Can Boost your YouTube Profit

Your main goal on YouTube is to get as many viewers as possible. An intro maker helps you do this for the following reasons: 

  • Increase your video watch hours and become a YouTube Partner 
  • Grow your subscriber base to fan fund and crowdfund 
  • Improve your YouTube channel SEO ranking
  • Encourage sharing on Facebook and Instagram 
  • Become a YouTube influencer 

Increase Video Watch Hours 

An intro maker helps you make your videos unique and recognizable. This is because you can hook people into your main content by introducing it in a fun or dramatic way with all the customization options. For example, adding some inspiring music or a meaningful phrase that represents you can be a great way to brand your video clips. People will start wanting to come back for more especially if the main content from your video maker is also of high quality. They might even share your professional video and that way boost your organic traffic. Either way, you’re getting your brand out there through your online video. 

Once you get to a minimum of 4000 video watch hours over 12 months, with 1000 subscribers, you can become a YouTube partner. This basically means that you’ll get money from ads. So, how do you get more views? A free intro maker is the perfect start to highlight your video content and tell the world who you are. 

Fan Fund and Crowdfund 

A very useful feature on YouTube is their fan funding feature which is basically like a tip jar. The idea is that you ask your viewers to support your YouTube channel with donations. Clearly, the better your content and the more eye catching your intro videos then the more you’ll make. 

On the flip side, if you have a specific project or charity cause then you can also use crowdfunding on your YouTube channel. Again, the more subscribers you have then the more likely you’ll raise the money you need. The best way to grow that subscriber base is through high quality content and impactful intro videos. 

YouTube Channel SEO Ranking 

Videos are ranked according to how closely the title, description and content meet the search query. Intro videos are a great way to summarize all this information and to build some hype around your amazing content. The intro creator templates will get you started but make sure you customize according to what your viewers want to see. For example, play around with the animations and include any music to make your videos, including video intros, truly one-of-a-kind. 

Encourage Social Media Sharing 

Video length and content are important for both a YouTube channel as well as Facebook and Instagram. People lose attention very quickly and some statistics even say that they’ll switch off as soon as after 15 seconds. You therefore need to make your intro video count. It should ideally be a few seconds long and no longer than 10. A free intro maker has thousands of templates for you to choose from but it’s worth planning before you dive in. You’ll then find it easier to be more focused and to customize your online intro maker accordingly with its video editing settings. Remember that you can also design your video thumbnail to make it eye-catching and shareable.

Become a YouTube Influencer

If you have a large following of viewers on your YouTube channel then you can charge for brand partnerships. Obviously this means having sponsored content on your YouTube channel. Nevertheless, the idea is that you vet your potential sponsors first and make sure that they align with your values and beliefs and even, look and style. Make sure you choose true partners and your viewers will thank you for referring quality things on to them. You can even incorporate some of their colours into your video intro maker if you think that will benefit both parties.

Final Thoughts on Maximizing your YouTube Intro Maker 

There are many ways to make money on YouTube depending on whether you’re simply promoting your business or joining the ranks of YouTube earners. Then again, you can do a bit of both. Either way, it’s about growing your subscriber base and getting as many video views as possible. You should therefore leverage every tool at your disposal, including free intro maker software. It’s highly cost effective and very easy to use. Within minutes, you’ll have professional intro videos with that wow factor to hook people in to watch your main content. Use the features and animations to appeal to what your target audience wants and then watch your organic traffic grow. 

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