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How to Improve Workplace Security



Whether you’re in your home relaxing, in your child’s school on a sports meet or in your office working it’s very important to be safe. And the truth is, no one is ever 100% safe. Funny thing is, it’s very easy to be safe 99% of the time, one just need to do a little work for it. If you’re in a safe environment you can stay relaxed and stress-free. One can work to one’s full capacity in a safe environment. It’s fairly easy and less costly to secure one’s home compared to securing one’s office or workplace. But both are of the same importance. So, we are sharing some simple but effective steps to improve one’s workplace security. If you are an employee and not satisfied with the environment of your workplace then share these with your boss. If you are the boss and haven’t made sure of your company and employee’s safety then follow these points immediately.

  1. Know Your Workplace: The very first thing you need to do is to know the place where you’re working. Different places need different kind of security measures to ensure maximum safety and security. So, first, gain knowledge about your environment and then create a plan to improve that environment.
  2. Include Safety Procedures in Your Company Policy: Not every business has safety procedures in their company program. As a result, in case of emergencies, almost everyone panics and makes some mistake; and, that becomes more serious and problematic given the situation was already bad. Thus, don’t avoid a problem saying it will never happen, and be prepared for anything.
  3. Install Security Products: Many businesses purchase security products after a break-in or a robbery has happened. Which not only points out your inability as a leader but also sets a bad example as a company head. Install CCTV cameras and alarm systems for break-ins and wireless smoke detectors in case of fire. Invest in them before something happens and be ready for every possible situation.
  4. Practice Drills: In order to be ready for anything, you actually need to face something. Host drills about different situations and makes your employees familiar with the safety procedures. It’ll give everyone a confidence boost and make mental preparation and awareness.
  5. Restriction in Access: Some areas are at high risk of simple theft. If you are in those areas then you need to control and monitor who is entering the office. Install an electric access control system if you find yourself in those areas. Electric access control will work as a guard against petty thieves
  6. Physical Security Guards: Having a person as a security guard will increase the overall safety of your workplace. Your employees will feel protected and be relaxed. Don’t just place your guards outside the office. Have them work around the place sometimes and do regular inspections and mobile patrols. Of course, before selecting your guard do a thorough background check on the person and maintain a good relationship with him or her in order to negate any chance of any potential betrayal.
  7. Take Care of Your Employee: Your staffs are the lifeblood of your company. Take good care of them. They will reward you with work, improvement and most importantly, loyalty. Loyalty is worth more than any measure one can take.

Finally, try to keep good teamwork between yourself, your employees and your customers. Everyone’s help is crucial to prevent or reduce damage in any unforeseen incident.       

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