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Which Course is the Best for Full-Stack Web Development?



From the very beginning, the IT industry has attracted professionals from all over the world. The trends in this sector change every now and then and the technology that you are working on today may not remain relevant in the years to come. For example, companies used to hire separate front-end developers and back-end developers for building any application. Today, however, companies prefer to hire a full-stack web developer who is skilled in not only the front-end and back-end technologies, but also knows about databases and a lot of other things.

Full-stack development is one of the most in-demand professions globally. In India alone, the job role has seen increased demand of more than 30% in the past year. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics has stated that Full Stack development jobs will increase from 135,000 to over 853,000 by 2024. What’s more! The job comes with high salary packages; even an entry-level professional can earn over $58K annually on average. Experienced full-stack developers can command as high as $116K per year average salary.  

With ample job opportunities available for interested individuals, many training providers have now started offering full-stack web development courses. Such online training programs teach aspirants everything from scratch and help them gain the skills that employers actually seek. The best part is you can take these courses from the comfort of your home. The entire syllabus is divided into video modules of short duration that can easily be squeezed into one’s busy schedule. All you would have to do is select a reliable training program.

Through this article, we have made your task easier – we have listed some of the top full-stack web development online courses that you can pursue to step into this field. Read on to know more!

Full-stack web development is all about building real-world applications using various tools and frameworks. So make sure that the course provides ample opportunities to apply what you’ve learned through assignments and projects that simulate real-life scenarios. This will not only help solidify your understanding but also provide valuable experience when building your own portfolio as a full stack developer.

Post Graduate Program in Full Stack Web Development

Training Provider – Simplilearn in collaboration with Caltech CTME

Looking for an academic-like comprehensive course on full-stack web development? If yes, then this PGP by Simplilearn, in collaboration with Caltech Center for Technology and Management Education (CTME), is for you. Throughout the 9-months course duration, you will gain expertise in both front-end and back-end Java technologies, starting from the very basics. You will become familiar with Angular, JSPs, Spring boot, MVC, and Hibernate, along with over 30 in-demand tools and skills. The program syllabus is divided into five phases and capstone projects at the end.

You will get access to 250+ hours of applied learning, 20 lesson-end and 5 phase-end projects, and capstone projects in 4 domains. You will also get career services like resume makeover, one-on-one interview service and reach numerous employers.   

Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree Program

Training Provider – Udacity

This program by Udacity is another fun course if you want to learn how to design and develop powerful modern applications that form the foundations for various applications businesses use every day. You need to spend around 5 to 10 hours per week to finish the entire syllabus in 4 months. The program helps you develop skills required to build database-backed APIs and web applications. There are five industry projects covered in the program that will give you an opportunity to apply what you have learned in the video modules and showcase your practical full-stack development skills in front of employers. 

Some of the important topics covered in the program are SQL and data modeling for the web, API development and documentation, identity access management, and server deployment and containerization.

Full-Stack Software Engineer Career Path

Training Provider – Codecademy

This beginner-friendly course is suitable for professionals willing to gain well-rounded skills and enter the in-demand job market of web development. The instructors will first take you through front-end development, covering tools from HTML to React, then move on to server-side back-end Javascript libraries with Express.js. You can go beyond a landing page to build the back-end of a web application and design your own API.

It is a 6-months program designed for professionals who want to learn front-end and back-end development, build and style interactive websites, and communicate with web developers. Some of the important concepts covered are JavaScript syntax, setting up the dev environment, Git and GitHub, methods of hosting, improving styles with CSS, and React.

Full Stack Web Development with React Specialization

Training Provider – The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on Coursera

Master front-end web, hybrid mobile app, and server-side development in three comprehensive courses included in this specialization. On the front-end side, the program covers React and Bootstrap 4. On the back-end side, it covers the implementation of NoSQL databases using MongoDB, working within a Node.js environment and Express framework, and communicating to the client-side through a RESTful API.

As part of the specialization, you get to work on hands-on exercises, and develop a full-fledged application at the end. There are mini-Capstone projects in each course as part of the Honors track where learners get to build a fully functional project. By spending 10 hours per week, you can complete the course in 3 months.

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