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7 Classic IWC Ingenieur Watches That You Should Know



Not all watches are created equal. Some of the watchmakers create them differently to create a trademark in the market even though the brand is not yet well known. They make it with impressive craftsmanship and stylish aesthetic, luxury watches are so much more than simple accessories they’re wearable works of art. As such, it’s no wonder why other brands like Rolex stir a certain feeling in not only watch enthusiasts but just about everyone. So, if you’re looking for a timepiece that’ll provide fashion and function for years to come, you should check out luxury watches.

Watches aren’t just an accessory, they are history and also an identity, and of course, they are a time-telling tool. That’s why they have been one of the most important accessories throughout history and as time goes by watches remain a legacy to our history.

History of IWC Ingenieur 

IWC is a Switzerland watch company. Since 1945 IWC Ingenieur has been related to the classical edition of IWC. This classic watch is highly different from other watch types in terms of technological and also different scientists and technicians. This IWC collection is made of high precision, a watch with antimagnetic properties that can hold water-resistance are special features. 

The Ingenieur name well represents a mechanical that meets high standards of technical design, craftsmanship, and practicality of the people who want this brand. The French word “Ingenieur” means perfect here. Here is the list of IWC Ingenieur watches. Here is the list of IWC Watches. 

  1. IWC Ingenieur

This watch is made for men with a classic design. It is made in Titanium, a Round case with a 42 mm diameter, and calfskin leather. It has a caliber movement of IWC 69370 and a power reserve for 46 hours and a special feature water resistance that can last up to 60 meters. 

  1. Portugieser

The IWC Portugueser IW500704 has a veteran mood and classic appeal of the original Portugieser, which was first manufactured in the 1930s. It has a 42 mm diameter stainless steel and round shape case with an Alligator Leather material for the band. The IWC Portugueser has 168 hours of power reserve, A glance through the see-through sapphire-glass case back reveals the beautiful detailing of the 52010 calibers. 

  1. Pilot

This Pilot Watch IW371808 features a brown calfskin strap band, and the 44 mm diameter with a round shape case watch has a famous brown dial, inspired by the French pilot and author, Antoine de Saint Exupery.IWC Pilot collection protects external magnetic fields in the form of a soft-iron inner casing. This is also a perfect amalgamation of style with classic exuberance and is a sight to behold.

  1. Da Vinci

One of the most popular watch collections of IWC. This watch is made for a men’s collection. It has a stainless steel case in a round shape with a 40.4 mm diameter. It also has a movement of caliber IWC 35111 and a power reserve for 42 hours with a special feature of waterproof that can last up to 30 meters. 

  1. Aquatimer

This Aquatimer is one of the timeless masterpieces by IWC. It is a diver watch that has special features: a rotating bezel with an innovative extra safety mechanism called a Safedive system. The gorgeous blue dial featuring sapphire crystal with a coating of Super-Luminova on its underside for luminescence makes the watch stand out on its own.  The Aquatimer is a chronograph watch with minutes, hours and seconds display on the front view, and there are push buttons that can even be used to activate also has a power reserve that can last up to 44 hours.

  1.  Jubilee Collection

This Jubilee collection has a stainless steel case in a round shape with a 42 mm diameter and the leather material that makes it luxurious. It has 192 hours of power reserve with a feature of water resistance that can last up to 30 m. 

      7. Portofino

This is a men’s watch collection. It has a unique Red gold case in a round case with a 42 mm diameter. It also has an analog dial type with a power reserve of 44 hours and water-resistance that can last up to 30 meters deep.


Watches give a bigger part to our lives especially to the watchmaker and the inventors that allow us to have this wonderful creation of art in our wrists. We had a lot of brands to choose from whether it’s luxurious or not. There is one watch that fits our personality. Even if we have the most luxurious watch on our wrist there is nothing more than important to spend the time we have on our loved ones because time is always ticking.

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