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Do you know how to unlock Samsung Galaxy A11 for free with Unlocky?



You have a Samsung Galaxy A11, and you don’t know how to unlock it? Or even worse, you don’t want to pay even $1 to receive a new unlock code?

It is a computer program that can generate codes to unlock Samsung Galaxy A11 models and other versions, only with the IMEI of the device. To obtain the IMEI of Samsung Galaxy A11, you have to call * # 06 # from anywhere globally, and you will get this code immediately and the data from the equipment provider. It should be noted that the unlock codes provided by Unlocky are functional for life, unique and free. Incredible, no? The fact that you can open your mobile with the help of Unlocky for free is one of its most significant advantages. Many service establishments charge up to more than 50! To get the code to unlock the equipment, Which seems pretty absurd if you have the benefits of Unlocky available. With its program, you generate the code you need in a few minutes, and you can unlock it yourself. Already more than 25,000 users support the operation of Unlocky and recommend it to those looking to open their mobile phone equipment.

How does it works?

Now, how does Unlocky work? In the simplest way. Once you obtain the IMEI, you enter it in the program’s interface and the data of the provider of your country of origin, where the device is locked. After the software has processed all the information, Unlocky is in charge of connecting with the Samsung database to generate a unique unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy A11 model. Finally, the code and the steps to unlock the phone are sent through the program platform. You can easily unlock it yourself! Come on; it doesn’t matter if you want to travel to another country and use another phone company, if you prefer to change your local mobile service company or if you just want to unlock your Samsung Galaxy A11.

What should I do to unlock my Samsung Galaxy A11 with Unlocky?

The first thing you should do is go to the Unlocky website to unlock your Samsung Galaxy A11. Once there, just enter the IMEI of the equipment, the provider’s data with which the mobile is blocked and country of origin. With that, it will be enough for Unlocky to generate the unlock code in a few minutes and the steps for you to complete the process yourself. It is the simplest thing in the world. Without complications, without technical service and without professionals who ask you for large amounts in euros to make your phone operational.

How much do I have to pay to unlock my Samsung Galaxy A11?

Nothing! Unlocky and its online program are free to operate, so users do not have to pay a single penny to obtain a simple unlock code. The program is responsible for generating it without producing additional costs during the process. That is why Unlocky is the most recommended alternative by users to ultimately unlock their Samsung Galaxy A11 without it being affected in any way. Forget about paying amounts in euros for something that you can do yourself from the comfort of your computer with Unlocky.

How long does my Samsung Galaxy A11 stay unlocked?

Once you unlock your Samsung Galaxy A11 with Unlocky, it stays that way forever. It does not have an expiration date or fixed-term by which the equipment is re-locked. It is by no means so. You won’t have to repeat the steps we mentioned above ever again. You even have the possibility of affiliating your mobile equipment to the telephone company of your choice anywhere in the world whenever you want!

How long do I need to unlock my Samsung Galaxy A11?

You don’t have to wait months or days to unlock your Samsung Galaxy A11, just minutes. Everything will depend on the speed of your internet connection. Unlocky has a huge network of servers and proxies that can speed up the process, so you get the unlock code almost immediately. If you are interested in Unlocky, you only have to enter your website to use its advantages. And so you can unlock your Samsung Galaxy A11 phone once and for all, wait no more. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us. No problem! You can access the restricted sources through safe proxies at

Why doesn’t Sprint use SIM cards?

Sprint’s wireless network uses the code multiple access technology division, which is not compatible with Subscriber Identity Module cards, better known as SIM cards. SIM cards are a global system for mobile communication technology, better known as GSM, that does not work with CDMA technology. Mobile devices designed for the Sprint network do not require a SIM card to function properly.


SIM cards contain personal information, such as your account number, name, and phone number, that identifies the mobile device installed at the service provider. Most GSM devices will not work properly without a SIM card installed and activated with your service provider. Cell phones equipped with CDMA technology, such as those destined for the Sprint network, have this personal information internally. They also have to be activated by the carrier to function properly. Some CDMA phones in Latin America and China use a card called a detachable user identification module card, which is similar to and performs the same functions as a SIM card.


Sprint’s CDMA network offers several advantages, but it comes with disadvantages, too. Unlike GSM networks, such as those used by AT&T and T-Mobile, Sprint’s CDMA network uses technology that spreads voice and data transmissions over a bandwidth wider than broadband. that the original message occupied. This wider bandwidth allows more users to access a cell tower when data is transmitted, allowing the tower to determine when its capacity is reached. The tower determines when its power has been reached when calls or data transmission quality begins to deteriorate, at which point wireless transmissions are routed to another nearby tower. CDMA technology is often referred to as “spread spectrum” technology,


Sprint CDMA phones do not offer the convenience of SIM cards when it comes to switching devices. For example, a SIM card supports the addition of contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses, allowing this data to be transferred to another device by simply inserting the card into the new phone. Once installed, the new phone automatically integrates the data into your phone book application. When switching from one CDMA phone to another, you will need to transfer the data by hand or with the Bluetooth phone book profile, which must be installed on both devices.


Verizon Wireless is the other major national service provider that uses CDMA technology on its nationwide network, making it easier to switch providers on your phone from Sprint to Verizon, or vice versa, than to AT&T or T- Mobile. Although most phones are designed for a specific company, you can unlock one carrier’s phone to work on another by purchasing a code that, when entered, allows the phone to work on another network. This is only possible with providers that use the same network technology.

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