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Getting Turkish Citizenship Easily with Turkish Immigration Lawyers



Turkey is the one of the countries that many of foreign citizens want to continue their lives in, whether Turkey’s standard of living or business opportunities. Factors such as education, health, social opportunities attract thousands of foreign citizens who want to live a better life. Turkey is one of the locations that also attracts attention with its climate, natural beauty and history.  In addition, Turkish citizenship and therefore Turkish passport offer visa-free entry to many countries of the world or easy visa opportunities.

Turkish Immigration Requirements

Getting Turkish citizenship can occur with birth or afterwards. Citizenship acquired by birth is established by descent or place of birth. Different conditions must be met in order to acquire Turkish citizenship afterwards.

Based on residence permit, proving residence within the borders of Turkey without interruption for at least 5 years and decision of staying in Turkey in various ways such as establishing a job,buying real estate, getting married Turkish citizen. At the same time, the person must have an income or job to support dependents.

Foreigners who fulfil these conditions can apply for Turkish citizenship. Exceptional conditions for Turkish citizenship are also defined in the regulations. According to this, foreigners who buy real estate at least the amount determined in the legislation, make fixed capital investment, open a deposit account, buy government debt paper, buy real estate investment fund participation share or venture capital investment fund participation share and provide employment for as many people as specified in the legislation can apply. Besides, Turkish citizenship can be acquired afterwards by adoption, marriage or by using the right of choice.

Documents Required for Application

Making the necessary application to get Turkish citizenship afterwards depends on some conditions. First of all, according to the Turkish Civil Code the applicant must have the ability to distinguish and be mature. Having resided in Turkey for at least 5 years from the applicant, proving the settle request in Turkey, not having a disease that poses a danger, include the appropriate behavior to the requirements of living in unity, speaking Turkish to adapt to society, need to have an income or a job.

In addition, the conditions include the absence of an obstacle to the person’s national security and public order. The applicant must apply to the provincial governorship with other requested documents and application form.

The application can be made personally by the applicant or by lawyers who have been given a special power of attorney for the exercise of this right. Turkish immigration lawyers working at Wiklundkurucuk Turkish Immigration Office are among your greatest assistants about your application. You can also visit to get more information about Turkish immigration service.

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