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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Miami Boating Accident Attorney 





Miami is home to some of the best boating and sailing in the country. With warm temperatures all-year-around, you are sure to enjoy the serenity of the boat ride as you joyfully sail along the breezy waters.

However, all that joy is only guaranteed as long as you have a safe ride. Unfortunately, watercraft and boats pose the same danger as roads and are prone to accidents. 

In Miami, boat accidents are common since the state of Florida has no license requirements for adults operating a boat, and recreational boats are seldom inspected for its safety. According to statistics, Florida leads the nation in boating accidents and fatalities.

If you get entangled in a boating accident, you need the help of a Miami Boating Accident Attorney. They can assist you in retrieving the compensation you deserve so that you get on the right course to recovery. Here are some vital questions you need to ask when hiring the services of an attorney if you sustain an injury during a boating accident or suffer any damages:

  • Are You Familiar With Maritime Law?

Maritime laws govern the rules and regulations of all transportation across waterways, including passengers or cargo. You need an attorney that knows the nitty-gritty of this specific branch of the law so that they duly assist in your case. This also gives you a fair idea of the level of expertise and experience the attorney has to get the right result you deserve.

  • What Are Your Fees?

Boat accidents occur more frequently than you can imagine since Miami has several waterways amounting to almost ¼ of its total area, and boats are a popular form of recreation in Miami. The top concern in their mind when hiring a Miami Boating Accident Attorney is if they charge any up-front fees. The best lawyers will work on a contingency fee, meaning they will not charge a fee unless they win your case.

  • What is Your Track Record?

Most boat accident claims are settled before a trial in court. This means that there will be a significant percentage of lawyers claiming to handle boat accident cases with little or no jury trial experience. This is crucial because you will need an experienced attorney who is ready to file a lawsuit and present a compelling case in front of a jury or judge.

  • Who Will Handle Your Case?

This is a crucial question to ask to know who will represent your case and ensure that you can sit down for your case consultation. Talking to a gatekeeper representative without meeting the attorney handling your case will not exactly help you understand what to expect or how your case will be handled.

  • What Are Your Responsibilities?

Every case of trial needs teamwork, and you may need to undertake certain actions as per the advice or recommendations of your attorney. It’s better to know than in advance than discover last-minute surprises as you go long.

The thousands of miles of coastline surrounding Miami make it a hub for boating enthusiasts, including not only residents but also tourists. However, operating a boat is not easy, and there can be unforeseen situations of accidents. IN such cases hiring a Miami Boating Accident Attorney will help you hold accountable those who might have harmed you.

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