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Are Essay Writing Services Legal?



Are Essay Writing Services Legal?

Are Essay Writing Services Legal?

Thousands of students face difficulties in their studies yearly. Previously, they were to master the subjects, do tests, and pass exams in classes. Now, most students adapted to distance learning that exhausts more. Students have to sit in front of computers for many hours without rest. As a result, they get eye and back problems. Moreover, their metabolism slows down, and they gain weight. Depression because of the quarantine decreases brain activity. That is why they start looking for a service that offers affordable help. Is it legal?

Let’s Be Honest: Scam Services Exist!

The Internet is an excellent opportunity to make a profit. A person can offer essay help via social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) or a website. It is not a problem to find a free domain that is not protected from viruses. It has a limited design option and poor functionality, but one can easily post articles and promote products and services. Such a platform is a perfect area for fake services.

Some services have several websites with different domains. When students order their papers, their orders are delivered to the same writers. This is how scam writing companies work. If such services use paid platforms, it gets harder to recognize them. Though, some things might reveal their unprofessionalism.

Website Development and Security

Students should investigate the website of the chosen service. There must be documents that guarantee security. Information of clients and details about money transactions must be protected from hackers and viruses. The site must have Terms and Conditions, a Privacy policy, and Notice on social responsibility. The service must have encryption protocols and a copyright sign. These documents are very important. They show that the website is honest with customers and protects personal data on the required level.

Expert Writers Want to Earn Enough and Safely

Professional essay writers for hire will never risk working in an illegal organization. They have families and need to make their bread regularly. So, they always choose legal writing companies for their main workplace. Pro essay writers always recommend checking the list of available experts, their degree, sample papers, etc. Besides, it is possible to order a short paper (1 page) to test the performer. If everything is on time and of high quality, then the service is reputable and, logically, legal.

Colleges Are Always Against Professional Essay Writing Help

The only person who will call a professional essay help “cheaters” is your tutor. All professors hate those who help students. They do not understand how it is hard to sit under pressure 24/7 at home. Masks, vaccines, ill people in the streets – all these things depress. Every homework becomes a challenge. Highly qualified writers cannot pass exams instead of you. So, it is silly to say that your college rating 100% depends on the service and that you cheat. What is bad about asking a person to explain something to you? Or help you make a plan for a 5-paragraph essay? Or provide trustable sources for your research?

Academic Writing Services Do not Contradict the Law

Each legal and professional essay writing service has an official website. The site contains categories with information about the location of the company, the number of hired experts, prices, copyright restrictions, etc. Illegal services are impossible to verify. So, if the writing help company has the above-mentioned information, it will mean that it is legit. Besides, the constitution does not ban such organizations because writers do not break the law. Such organizations pay taxes and fees, and their pricing policy is transparent.

Legit Companies Set Reasonable Prices

It is easy to recognize a fake writing company. They introduce low prices on their website. Their sample papers may be good, but the quality of ready papers is always low. They either perform the order anyhow or plagiarize it. The reason for such unprofessionalism is clear – nobody will work and spend many hours and even days on assistance for no cost. Knowledge and diligent assistance of professionals cost a lot. Their salary depends on quality, speed performance, and the complexity of the task.

Feedback Page Must Look Real

Fake organizations either do not have comment and feedback pages or create them by themselves. As a rule, all fake comments sound like “Great job!”, “It is the best service in the world!” and “5/5”. True comments always have details about the quality, specifics, period of performance, pros, and cons. Besides, independent FAQ websites often discuss the service of such agencies. If the independent rating is 2 stars, but the website manifests all 10, you should leave this web page as soon as possible.

Trial the Online Support

All reputable online writing agencies should have round-the-clock support. A reliable service usually has three options to help customers:

  1. online chat that has working hours or is 24/7
  2. email that might have a ready form and hints (questions, ready answers, etc.);
  3. phone calls that are seldom available at night hours.

Real services are always ready to answer your questions concerning the service. Their consultation is free. Consultants NEVER ask to provide financial information such as credit or debit cards CVV, passwords, or the address of e-wallets with a client’s passwords. Their job is to consult you concerning the service, prices, deadlines, disciplines, etc. They can help a person order a paper or explain the procedure in simple words. Not more!

Illegal services almost have no online consultation or offer only email. It is not cheap to hire people who will answer customer’s calls and write answers the whole day. Besides, emails are usually blurred. Discussion of prices is not precise, or they are too low compared to the market price. Professional online consultants are always amiable, polite, and smart because their task is to guide customers, not confuse them.

So, it is possible to select a trustable service among cheaters. The main thing is to regard the above-presented tips. One should not forget to check testimonials that verify the reputation of the service.

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