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Bicycle Safety Tips You Might Need to Know



Bicycle Safety Tips You Might Need to Know

Bicycle Safety Tips You Might Need to Know

Californians are increasingly choosing to bike to work, to visit friends, or to run errands. This is due to the rising cost of gas and an increased awareness about environmental issues. It is important that cyclists act in a safe way, since they share the road with larger vehicles and faster speeds. There are ways that cyclists can stay safe, even though the power is not in their hands.

Wear a Protective Gear and a Helmet:

A helmet is an effective way to protect your head from a collision. Bicyclists should also wear bright clothing, reflective gear and choose sturdy shoes. Bicyclists who are in high-risk situations may also benefit from wearing gloves, knee or elbow pads and reflective gear.

Obey the Rules of Road:

Bicyclists should travel in the same traffic direction. Also, they must obey traffic signals and street signs. Bicyclists can avoid traffic tickets by following the rules.

Communicate With Drivers Non-verbally:

Making eye contact, using hands signals, and acting in a predictable way can make a bicycle ride safer. Bicyclists, pedestrians and drivers should all be aware of their surroundings.

Even the most careful bicyclists can be involved in an accident. Serious accidents are often caused by collisions, falls, or “dooring”, where a motorist forces a cyclist into traffic when opening his or her car door. A California personal injury attorney can help those who have been injured in these accidents seek compensation.

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