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There are many writers and every writer writes to rank their website on the top but not everyone is successful, only a few can rank their website on the top page.

What’s the point of writing an article with an aimless goal and not optimizing the content? Who will discover your website if it’s on the 50th page?

That’s why we have some SEO tips for you that will help you to improve the SEO of your article.

1. Write for your audience:

While writing, this is the most ignored factor. you should always consider your audience for who you are writing for. Every field in content writing has a different and specific audience.

The content should appeal to the desired audience. The information and the content should be aligned with the needs of the specific industry.

If you are only promoting your product and service people will back off and they will spend less time at your website. People are interested in themselves,

They care about themselves and if your content fails to bring that value, it means that your content is not worth it. So whenever you are writing content for your audience, answer all the questions of your audience.

Research how can your content add value to their life? How you can convey the information effectively and in the right way?

Your audience should feel that you genuinely care about them and you are not playing with their emotions and using double folded strategies to sell your product.

2. Hook your audience with an attractive headline:

Headlines are the only thing people care about, if you do not have the guts to hook the attention of your audience, maybe you should stop writing.

Make sure that you are using selling words in your headline to attract y our audience, humans beings are prone to emotions, use emotions in your headlines like 7 ways to build money by writing,

5 tips about SEO that nobody told you about. To write an attractive headline, look for the interests of your clients, identify their problem and then write how you can solve their problem.

In search engines like google, we see two things when we search content, heading and meta description. The meta description should show up how you can make your content stand out from others.

3. Use SEO keywords effectively:

Even if you are a good writer but you are not optimizing your content with the right keywords, it will not be discovered by anyone.

While writing online, you should make sure that you are taking good care of primary and secondary keywords as they keywords can help to rank your article at the top.

what’s the point of writing if your article is not optimized to rank on google? It’s useless as no one will come to read your website to read the blog post.

Try using the main keyword in the first 100 words as it has been helpful for many writers to rank their articles.

Search all the keywords people are looking for, prepare a spreadsheet, and also the volume of that specific keyword, this strategy can help to write a good SEO and optimized blog post.

4. SEO optimization of the content:

It is an area; le that writers cannot take care of everything while uploading new content on the website. There are a lot of things that demand technical experience like taking care of HTML, index file, robot.

txt file, and a lot of other technical SEO factors but the writers should know a little about how SEO backlinks works and how they can improve the authenticity of their blog by getting quality backlinks and how to google crawls the content of the page to improve the ranking of the page.

Even if you do not know about technical SEO, you can hire an SEO agency to take care of the SEO of the content.

5. Quality link building:

The other important and technical factor for ranking is Link building. Link building helps t discover your page through another website. Its better to get two to three high-quality backlinks than getting 10 low-quality backlinks.

The website having high DA and PA have a good score and getting backlinks from these sites will improve the score of your website and the organic reach of the website will improve.

These are some of the helpful SEO tips for content writers. But there’s one more thing, you should repurpose and re-edit your published work with the latest information to keep your audience updated.

And maintain your style format, structure and avoid using passive voice in your articles. The writers are busy they have to take care of a lot of things and things can be quite messy sometimes,

they need to constantly update their website and should upload new content regularly.

The writers who cannot afford a fellow writer because their blog is growing cannit afford to pay someone for writing.


They are looking for article spinning and article rewriting tools to get the work done with little or no effort.

There are many articles rewriting tools that use artificial intelligence tools to write articles intelligently such as spinning tool and article rewriter.  spinning and rewriting tool has four modes for rewriting articles simple, standard, creative, and fluency mode.

All four modes are slightly different from each other and each mode rewrites the article in such a way that it cannit be discovered by any plagiarism checking tool.

This article spinning tool does not have any word limit you can rewrite countless articles with this website. You can add a chrome extension and rewriting tools that have 100% assurance of plagiarism-free articles.

Article rewriter tool is used by students, bloggers, writers for rewriting the article. This rewriting tool writes the article by swifting the words efficiently so that there is no copyright and plagiarism issue in the article.

This rewriting tool also has the feature to remove plagiarism from the articles. At a time, you can rewrite 1500 words with this rewriting tool.

Final Thoughts:

These are some of the helpful SEO tips for writers. It is a fact that you cannot rank your article on the top page without learning and implementing SEO. So if you are writing online,

we recommend you to learn SEO and how to write SEO-optimized articles.

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