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How can I get a copy of my W-2 form?



Form W-2, also known as the Declaration of Wages and Salaries of employees of the United States, commonly known as Form W-2 of the Internal Revenue Service or ( IRS or Internal Revenue Service), must be submitted by employers before the 31st day of January of the calendar year. This form enumerates the salaries and other compensations that an employee has received during the prior year, along with the withholdings used to pay federal taxes. The process of obtaining a copy of the W-2 is not difficult and we will show you the procedure.

While it is true that the W-2 is a type from the government of America, it’s employers who are under the obligation to fill out and submit it, and the following day, they must give it to their employees. In order to complete Form W-2, employers utilize the information supplied by workers on the Form W-4. As a crucial document that allows employees to complete their tax returns, losing Form W-2 could be the biggest headache, particularly for employees.

For employees, and you lost your W-2 or perhaps you haven’t received it – don’t fret! There are many methods to request copies of the Form W-2 to ensure you can satisfy your tax obligations in time and without any issues.

You can download your Form W-2 on the internet.

Before you do anything, make sure to check whether you have access to the Form W-2 online. Numerous companies use payroll systems that are partnered with the IRS, where you can access your W-2s as well as any other financial information that’s crucial for you.If this is your situation login to your payroll account and attempt downloading a duplicate Form W-2. Are you unsure how to log into the payroll system online? Do not fret! Contact your employer or the employee in charge of your Human Resources office. They will be able to provide technical assistance.

Request your employer to provide an official copy

If accessing the online payroll system does not work, speak to your employer and request the form. It could be the simplest methods to obtain an original copy of Form W-2 as employers will keep a copy in their files. It is also possible to contact the payroll department of the company.

Benefit from the fact that you’re in the process of updating your address at home. Be aware that employers frequently provide the Form W-2 in various formats to employees address. It’s possible, even if you did not receive the form by the deadline the information you have has been dated. To stop this from repeating itself, it’s recommended to correct all of your information in depth.

If lost your W2 form and would prefer to receive W-2 Form electronically then contact the Human Resources office with your email address as the preferred method to receive information.

If, for whatever reason, your employer is unable to provide you a copy of your W-2 don’t be discouraged! You can contact Social Security Administration Social Security Administration directly for assistance or to conduct an investigation into your earnings.

Request a duplicate from IRS office

If none of the options above work, you might need to get in touch with your IRS directly to ask for the Form W-2. If you want the option to contact IRS IRS to be effective you have to prove to your tax representative that you attempted to reach out to your employer, and that you haven’t had a receipt the Form W-2.

Rememberthat when you call the IRS to inquire about tax refunds, you’ll need to answer security questions to confirm your identity and therefore prevent other people from accessing your data without your prior authorization. Some of the information you must keep on hand include:

Your name.

Your email address.

Your number.

Name of the employer.

The number you use for your Social Security number.

Number that is provided by your company.

When the entry was made as well as the date of entry and, if applicable, the date of entry and discharge. The address of your employer’s office, along with the city, state along with the ZIP code. An estimate of the earnings you earned during the previous financial year and the amount you taken out of your federal income tax.

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