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How to open a sales call with the prospect to engage better



sales call

sales call

In any sales call, an open line can be the easiest yet the most challenging part. You don’t have to face any pressure, but eventually, you do have to say the right things to proceed with the conversation. Many times sales reps face rejection because their opening line is not perfect. Hence, it’s essential to create a structured, engaging and exciting opening that encourages the prospects to listen to you and close the deal. Many startups make a sales formula to close the deals, talk to prospects about price in sales calls and achieve their goals to see a continued exponential growth every year with sustained sales performance. And all this starts with a right opening line. You have to make sure that whatever you create is for your clients, and it should be about them and not about you. That’s why you should spend some time planning your approach and nailing it down.

An important point to note is that don’t let your opening line sound like a script. Prospects are quick to notice these things, and they will discontinue the call in no time. Yet, it’s still essential to create an opening line that engages with your prospects, and that tells them what you can do for them.  This way, you get a chance to take the lead and turn the direction of the conversation in whichever way you want. You should practice your opening line to make it sound confident, natural as much as possible. Practice regularly, so it comes naturally whatever you have to say to your prospects. Make sure your tone, pitch and pace sound real. So, it doesn’t look like a robot is speaking to the prospects.

Let’s see step by step on how you can create a well-defined opening line:

Make appropriate greetings: 

This is something that should never go wrong. No matter how you plan to start your sales call. Greeting professionally and politely is a must-have in any sales conversation. Make sure that you use a formal tone and try not to overdo it. A simple greeting will be fine.

Choose something that works for you:

This is a simple technique but still hard to master. There are so many ways you can start your call, but it’s pretty hard to find the right one for you.

  1. You can start by introducing yourself and asking how they are doing.
  2. You can proceed further by letting them know why you called them and how you can help them.
  3. And before processing further, ask them if this is something that interests them.

That would be enough to gauge their interest. At this time, they will let you know if they are interested in talking further with you or not. If yes, then you can start with the next step and if no, thank them for their time and move on.

Tell something valuable to them:

This is something that if you get right, you’ll be one step closer to sealing the deal. Here, you should tell something inspiring and valuable that hooks the client and encourages them to take the next steps. Make sure of your creativity and selling skills and see what magic it has on your customers.

Usually, the value statement should revolve around:

  • Profit increases and financial savings
  • Time savings and production increases
  • Competitors
  • Industry challenges

It’s time to ask the important question: 

Until the above step, you should conclude what you can and how you will provide value to them. Now, you should think of some crucial questions to ask your prospects that avoid an early no. You can ask some of these questions like,

“What are the management views of this….”

“How were you planning to solve….”

This will help you to take the conversation further.


There are many other good ways to open your sales call; all you have to do is to let your creativity flow and see what you can come up with. You can also look for inspiration and adapt accordingly to your requirements. Do split testing, try to track your results and make adjustments accordingly. Eventually, you will find your perfect opening line to nail down every sales call with more meaningful conversations.

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