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How to Prepare for Class 7 Math Olympiad





Math olympiads refer to examinations where participants attempt tests on mathematics. Math olympiads are diverse in nature, both in terms of exam patterns and general acknowledgements. Their levels also vary – from international level to regional and national. The same can be said for question types – the test for the mathematical olympiad can have MCQs (multiple choice questions), detailed solution based answers and even numeric-type answers. The most universal among them is, of course, the IMO (abbreviated for International Math Olympiad), having a globally recognised status.

Class 7 Math Olympiad

Having an aptitude for mathematics is a very desirable skill to have in the present scenario. The demand, as well as the supply for specialists in this field, are rarely running low. Mathematics positively enables developing multiple creative and critical thinking abilities of a person, and suffice to say the reasoning and problem-solving attitude also gets a definite boost for the better. So what are the basic set of preparatory tools that ultimately comprise the math olympiad test? These would be questions regarding triangles and elementary number systems, integers, factors and multiples, even data handling and so on. The multiple-choice questions are to be given priority, whose correct and proper explanations are also enlisted in the guidebooks for the math olympiad. The hand-book for Class 7 IMO is rich in details, with interesting illustrations and pictures here and there to keep the attention of aspirants. For a teacher, it is advisable to ask his/her students to practice without failing the very many problems and solutions within the book. This feat will ultimately enable pupils to ace their school exams and prepare for the math olympiad looming ahead. The hand-book(s) for class 7 maths olympiad is thoroughly engaging, if not entertaining. The logical reasoning portion is shelved till the very end, thus enabling students to develop their reasoning abilities all through the book and in the end self-examine themselves on their progress.

Methods to Prepare for Class 7 Math Olympiad

Mathematics calls for mixed feelings among students; some find it to be a nuisance, for some it is cathartic. The former is primarily the case among students, mainly because the basic concept is not clear to them, and thus goes on a lifelong avoidance of mathematics as a subject. Another major degrading factor could be the aversion of practice among students owing to which they fail to perform in the exams and real-life scenarios as well. “Practice makes perfect” – this is the binding rule for any mathematician and the lack of it among students further develops their departure from mathematics. Indian Talent Olympiad has taken initiative to further prevent these circumstances, by introducing the math olympiad from Class 1-10 among school children. The main objective of their existence is to ensure that students get enough practice of the topics for olympiad exams as well as school syllabus.

Step-by-step Preparatory Guide

Know yourself, but know your syllabus better. Although an obvious thing to note down, the fundamentals are most often forgotten.

Realise the level you are at currently and the level of state you are aiming for.

The olympiad website is full of information. Even if you do not find something useful, the success stories are sure to inspire.

Utilise the internet fully and properly. A single Wikipedia search can do wonders as compared to sleepless nights.

Time management is important, and both while preparing and within the exam hall it is vital.

Never miss your schedule. Try to stay ahead of it, and avoid last-minute calls.

Online and offline mock tests can do wonders to your self-confidence.

There is no better alternative than practice. Practice with your heart’s content.


The syllabus, i.e. the curriculum as prescribed by the Olympiad exams are finely in sync with the school syllabus. Namely, it can be attempted by students of all boards, both state and central. Due to its wide area of coverage, students from all over the country can participate in the maths olympiad and prepare as per their satisfaction. Since rote learning has no space in these exams, students dedicate more time to clearing concepts and learning the fundamentals, since maths is such a subject that hinges on one’s analytical skills and logical thinking capabilities. On this note, it should be mentioned that maths is not the only subject of the olympiad exams. Physics, science and many other subjects have found their way here and a primary focus among all of them is to develop the critical thinking capabilities of the students.

The syllabus for Class 7 math olympiad remains more or less the same notwithstanding the board the student is from. The chapters are as follows-

  • Concept of Geometry
  • Number System
  • Factors & Multiples
  • Integers
  • Decimal Fractions
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Arithmetic
  • Basic Algebra
  • Data Handling
  • Mensuration
  • Symmetry
  • Logical Reasoning

Preferred Books

Referral workbooks are the best source of information and a guiding book to practice from, prescribed by the Olympiad association. The exam itself is of national level, so the students get more inspired and dedicate more time in preparations. IMO Book for Class 7 is one such book that helps students excel in mathematics and get ready to face the impending olympiad exams as well. It’s a workbook that comprises the whole syllabus of mathematics from the respective school board. The workbook has all the necessary questions to practice along with their detailed answers and explanations. The brainchild of multiple gifted mathematicians, it is a very helpful book that will decidely shape the students’ performances in the exams and real-life as well.

Some Further Reading Materials:

Problem Solving Strategies (Author: Arthur Engel)

Mathematical Olympiad Challenges (Author(s): Titu Andreescu and Razvan Gelca)

Challenges and Thrills of Pre College Mathematics (Author(s): C.R. Pranesachar, B.J. Venkatachala, K.N. Ranganathan and V. Krishnamurthy)

Elementary Number Theory (Author: David M. Burton)

Problems in Plane Geometry (Author: I.F.Sharygin)

Mathematics: The New Golden Age (Author: Keith Devlin)

Solving Previous Years Question Papers

Class 7 math olympiad is MCQ-based; and solving the previous year’s question papers will positively encourage students to crack the upcoming exam and at the same time, familiarise them with what is in store for them. Students can take the reference of IMO Class 7 2015 Question Paper for getting a better idea of the questions and exam pattern.

Math Olympiad (Annual)

The annual math olympiad is conducted twice a year, in the month of February and December in online mode.

Math Olympiad (Monthly)

The monthly math olympiad focuses not on the nature syllabus but only on specific chapters, and is comparatively short in duration and similarly conducted in online mode.


Make a cycle, follow it wholeheartedly, do not be discouraged at failures and be confident in your preparations – these are the keywords of a successful math olympiad in the making.

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