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Path of Exile Expedition Starter Build List



Path of Exile Expedition Starter Build List

Path of Exile Expedition Starter Build List

Look no further than these Path Path of Exile Expedition Starter Builds.

Path of Exile leagues and expansions have lately been lasting months before the next one comes. That means there’s still time to enjoy much of Expedition’s content. Go on, blast away those remnants and collect artifacts. And whether you’re after PoE Currency farming or taking on content, these are great builds to begin with.

Herald of Agony Juggernaut

Players that want a bulky build that has no problem killing almost anything it faces should look nowhere else than the Herald of Agony Juggernaut. It’s already sturdy by itself, and the minions also help. Who knew a build that apart from its sturdiness and lethality, it’s also a highly customizable build that can be minmaxed, especially with PoE Trade, to a greater length.

Fireball – Blazing Slavo Spellslinger Elementalist

Fireball & Blazing Salvo share the same element and are synergistic, making the build a fun two-button affair. Plus, the build doesn’t need much investment in order to get through the early levels, making it a great option not just for new players, but also for long-time players that want something simpler. Especially after trying out the exhausting, more complex ones.

Bleed Bow Gladiator

Whether in lore and builds, a Gladiator wielding a bow isn’t exactly popular. Nevertheless, the Bleed Bow Gladiator’s combination of the weapon and Bleed effects has allowed it to strangely shine. It’s been getting a bit of attention a few versions back, and even more so now as other builds get the nerf hammer.

Glacial Cascade Mines Saboteur

An element that boasts of both utility and damage on a mechanically challenging yet powerful and enjoyable build, it should be no surprise that the Glacial Cascade Glacial Cascade has become quite popular ever since the archetype’s rework. It has both solid clear speed and convenience when it comes to killing bosses, especially when it’s been finally outfitted with higher levels of gear. Early game isn’t much of a trouble either, as the build can run it without needing for much.

Archmage Cremation Necromancer

Whether it’s early game or the endgame, Cremation is one of the best and most potent skills in Path of Exile, making it a great core skill of choice. It also helps that it scales rather well. The drawback is that it doesn’t have a very fast clear speed, but it makes up for it’s in. Other than Cremation, the build is quite tanky, which is why it’s on the list.

Bladestorm Berserker

In both game mechanics and rule of cool, Bladestorm and Berserker are simply perfect for each other. This applies not only in early game but also later on, especially once Berserk, Rage Support, and Berserker’s Rage are finally coming into play. Lastly, another thing that makes it great is it doesn’t need a specific weapon. As long as it can pack a punch, it’s good enough to kill all sorts of bosses.

Storm Brand Assassin

At this point, it seems like Storm Brand will almost always be a great core skill, provided that the skill works and can be played well. Since it’s not like Grinding Gear Games is going to gimp it just because, then it might as well be considered a mainstay on lists like this. After all, dropping on bosses while using recalls to control the environment is a kind of playstyle that allows players to have a more aggressive approach compared to many other builds.

Toxic Rain Trickster

Another mainstay is Toxic Rain. It didn’t receive much changes for Expedition, so rest assured that. However, the Deadeye, one of the Ascendancies that are most commonly associated with the skill, definitely did. Thankfully, the Trickster didn’t, which means the skill has a new lease on life and is still considered as a league starter. It’s safe to say that in the hands of a different Ascendancy class, the skill will continue to have great clear speed and boss killing potential.

Essence Drain Trickster

With insane clear speed thanks to Contagion and considerable boss damage especially with Blight, the Essence Drain Trickster is still one of the game’s top dogs. Apart from those gems, its Passive Tree pathing is a huge help, allowing the build to take a bit more damage compared to other non-tank DPS builds, especially.

Poison Blade Vortex Assassin 

Another poison skill in the list, Poison Blade Vortex build is still quite the killer, plus it’s rather tanky during the first levels of endgame mapping. It’s viable from start to finish, not to mention a delight to play, so it should be no surprise as why it’s on the list.

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