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Finding a Canadian Immigration Lawyer for your needs



Canadian Immigration

Canadian Immigration

As the year starts every year, it’s fascinating to think about the kind of immigration policy Canada will bring in the next months. The past two years have proved to be extremely difficult for Canada’s immigration system to combat the pandemic that is sweeping across the globe. Processing of applications came to a halt, and delays were created in nearly every temporary and permanent immigration type. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) focused their attention on domestic in-inland processing and shutting down the flow of foreign applicants.

The number of immigrants who arrived in Canada in 2020 reached the lowest in almost 20 years. Canada admitted just about 184,500 individuals, while the IRCC’s target was 341,000. That’s more than 150,000 people short! The situation drastically improved in 2021 as we saw the largest number of immigrants in just one year in the history of Canada. Realizing that Canada’s economy depends on a steady flow of new immigrants, let’s take a look at what’s in store in 2022 and how you can be prepared to face the challenges ahead.

What is the cost of engaging immigration lawyers in Canada?

Our legal fees for immigration are flat-rate, which means you’ll never be surprised with an hourly invoice.

What is the price of engaging an immigration attorney? We are transparent and publish all of our legal charges on this webpage. This page lists all legal costs for Canadian residents and visa applications for every category. If the category you are applying for isn’t listed here, The fee will be outlined at the time of the consultation appointment.

We offer flat rate legal fees, which means you are aware of what the Canadian visa process will cost you. Legal fees are completely disclosed at the time of your appointment for a consultation. The cost of attorney fees to apply for immigrating to Canada is provided to each client prior to when the lawyer starts working on your case.

Note: These charges are not inclusive of government processing charges. In the case of complex cases, we might be required to change the fees displayed in this section.



Permanent Resident Card Renewal with Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds


Permanent Resident Card Replacement


Request to Amend Record of Landing


Replacement of Immigration Document


Do you require an immigration lawyer to move to Canada?

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) does not require the use of an immigration lawyer or consultant. If you decide to be guided or assisted by a paid consultant, IRCC has rules about who is legally able to do this. If you wish to have one, someone will assist you with your immigration application.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) does not require the use of an immigration lawyer or consultant.

If you decide to be guided or advised by a paid consultant, IRCC has rules about the legality.

If you’d like to get someone to assist you in:

  • Your immigration application
  • Representation of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) The Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) or the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)

The special treatment you receive does not apply to your file when you employ an agent or consultant.

IRCC will not share any of your data with your representative to safeguard you from privacy concerns unless you have given written permission. It is required to fill out a Consent to Use for a Representative (IMM 5476) form [PDFhere] to signify your consent.

Different types of consultants

Your immigration representative may be paid or not.

Examples of unpaid representatives include friends, family members, or religious group members.

If you decide to have your representation handled by a consultant or paid representative in Ontario, The person who represents you has to have good standing in:

  • Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) or
  • Law Society of Ontario (LSO).

If you employ consultants who are not authorized to pay, the application could return to you.

Does an attorney for immigration assist me in relocating to Canada?

Lawyers can translate legal jargon into a language that you can comprehend. There are more than 100 ways to come to Canada as skilled workers. Federal economic streams in addition to those provided through Quebec or other provinces.

How To Choose the Best Immigration Lawyers in Toronto

Many people are trying to find the most effective immigration lawyer in Toronto when the relevance of consulting involves immigration issues or does not recognise it. Immigration lawyers like Teryl Scott Lawyers assist people with migration issues and have a passion for residing in one state or having some problems with all the suggestions. A migration lawyer can assist you to win the case and can aid you to submit documents.

  1. The first thing would be to examine if the attorney is a recorded participant of an immigration organization of attorneys in Canada. The organization offers up-to-date advice on immigration laws to attorneys.
  2. You need to ensure that the attorney manages the trouble alone, meaning he will have extra experience. This will assure you that a sincere immigration lawyer is fighting for your instance.
  3. Furthermore, consider the consequence of the lawyer’s situation in migration. Never base your option on the length of time they have been practicing. The critical point below is how recognizable the lawyer remains regarding immigration.
  4. Specialist immigration legal representatives can help you comprehend the legislation in straightforward terms. The very best immigration attorney in Toronto will clarify the immigration policies and legislations for you to recognise.
  5. The best immigration lawyer in Toronto would certainly have the capability to assist you and route you to the right migration lawyer since they comprehend the specialization of their peers. It is likewise feasible to ask about recommendations of an excellent immigration attorney from pals who’d undergone the most effective migration treatment. It is likewise possible to browse online for wonderful lawyers. Seek their sites, and you’ll see the reviews of people who’d touched them and how seasoned they remain in the field.
  6. It’s considerable to not go based upon the cost as they may not fulfill the expectations you would certainly have of a lawyer just because the least pricey is not worth it.
  7. Don’t forget that the acceptance of your application depends entirely on the discussion and your files. The processes need to be directed correctly by your lawyer. Your lawyer must fill out the documentation.
  8. The legal representative ought to likewise take part in newsgroups and discussions. You will certainly be offered the greatest outcome by the lawyer with the best foundation in immigration situations. The accreditation and reputation of the lawyer are vital in hiring and choosing.

Locating a respectable and the best migration legal representative in Toronto isn’t different from selecting a wonderful physician for your check-up. Our ideal migration attorneys can assure you and give you an excellent opportunity to get accepted.

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