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Who Pays for The Treatment After A Vehicle Accident Injury In Ontario?



Whenever people hear about a car accident injury in Toronto, the first thing they think about is lawsuits. While claiming insurance, hiring lawyers, and filing the lawsuits are all essential for getting compensation, have you ever thought who will pay for your treatment right after your accident?

Confusion about this issue is paramount among the people suffering from the injuries. To make things better, we have come up with the answers to some crucial questions.

Vehicle Accident Injury In Ontario

Vehicle Accident Injury In Ontario

No-Fault Province

Have you heard this term before? If yes, do you know its meaning?

Well, the term no-fault province means that Ontario has a policy of no-fault insurance. That means, in a car accident scenario, the respective insurance company will make payments towards the non-professional health care services of a person. The personal support, attendant care services, homemaking services, community support services, the insurer has to bear the cost of it all.

These services can be provided in a community setting or at home. Some of the services can also be continued in the complex continuing care of the hospitals. Of course, there is a cap to the expenses that the insurance companies have to bear. The caps are as follows.

  • Maximum $3500 for minor injuries.
  • $65,000 for non-catastrophic injuries.
  • $1,000,000 for catastrophic injuries.

Assessing the injuries from an accident as quickly and accurately as possible is one of the most critical aspects of quickening up the claim process. Pace Law Firm in Toronto explains it well that immediately after the accident to make sure that the nature and the gravity of the accident are properly represented.

This step will make sure that your injuries are not downgraded unjustifiably. It can reduce the coverage amount from your insurance company significantly. It will also help you to classify the accident correctly and attribute the fault to the guilty party, if any, as well.



The Avenues of Payments

There are four different avenues of getting the necessary payments right after experiencing motor vehicle accidents. The professionals of Pace Law Firm in Toronto have depicted these avenues here.

  • The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) covers your hospital care.
  • Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care ( for health care, treatment, and other medical costs)
  • Private supplementary disability and health insurer and employer benefits.
  • No-fault insurance covers the costs that are not paid by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.
  • Self Payment.

The no-fault insurance will pay for the necessary and reasonable medical costs that are not provided by the OHIP. Only after the statutory accident benefits get exhausted or the service required exhausts the specified maximum limits, the ministry can consider funding the health services. The decision will be taken by the ministry only after checking the condition of the client while maintaining the applicable ministry limits.

Will My Insurance Cover Me?

Of course. Your insurer will cover you under the no-fault insurance system. However, the coverage will be within the set amounts depicted earlier. Another problem is that you will get only the expenses that the insurer feels reasonable.

The fact is, after an accident, you will incur numerous expenses that your insurer might not cover. There are different options that you can avail of to make sure that your coverage area gets boosted. So, while getting the least expensive car insurance might seem appealing, know that there might be other vital no-fault options that you might not get covered at the time of need.



Your health insurance and employer benefits should provide some coverage as well. Hefty deductibles might be another downside of getting the least expensive insurance. So, while choosing your insurance, check the deductibles and identify the coverage you and your family members will get in case of an accident.

Do I Have To Pay Medical Bills from My Settlement?

Yes. The settlement and compensations that you get awarded from the court are there to help you reimburse your medical expenses. This compensation also addresses your pain and suffering, loss of income, caregiving services, etc. The settlement helps you to pay for your insurance deductibles and the property damage that you have suffered as well.

Family Covered by My Insurance

The no-fault insurance covers for your passengers, irrespective of your relationship with them. However, that amount is very limited. According to the professionals of Pace Law Firm, you have to go beyond the least expensive car insurance to ensure adequate coverage for your passengers, as the dependent care is not a part of the default no-fault insurance.

To get the benefits, you have to understand the protection and the services that your home, health, and car insurance offers to you and your family members. If you are not sure whether you are able to maximize your compensation, and are being unfairly treated during the insurance claims, get in touch with the professionals of Pace Law Firm in Toronto.

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