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5 Easy Steps to Find Work in Singapore





Singapore is a rapidly-developing country and has advanced technology, first-class infrastructure, and a thriving business environment that props up the economy. Many foreigners seeking job opportunities abroad consider the island state as one of the best places to work thanks to the receptive and welcoming people and high living standards. Besides that, the cost of living is relatively affordable. This article looks at five easy steps those looking to find work in Singapore can use.

Establish Your Eligibility to Hold a Job in Singapore

Before embarking on your job search in Singapore, you need to be sure that you qualify to hold the positions you are interested in. It would be better to identify the precise requirements for certain jobs in the city-state. You also need to be aware that some posts require you to get a work permit. You could use an online self-assessment tool from the Ministry of Manpower to gauge your eligibility. But you have to keep in mind that there are other factors beyond what is in the tool that determines your qualification. Some of such factors include the company quota and your background, for example, specialization.

Scrutinize the Job Market

It is critical to examine the job sector while looking for jobs to know which industries are on an upward path, and even growing more than on the average rate, and which are on the decline. You may utilize online resources to find the highly demanded skills that promise a better future growth like computer science due to massive growth in the gaming industry and other areas. After researching on the in-demand skills, you can align your job search accordingly. You may also decide to enroll in educational or vocational courses to equip you with the highly-demanded skills.

As you check the job market and consider getting a visa to go to Singapore or wonder how you will get a work visa when you land a job, you can check out the one-visa webpage. You can count on these visa experts to help you process the traveling documents fast and hassle-free.

Begin Job Search

After having acquainted yourself with the most sought-after skills, you can start your job search process. You can employ various strategies to hunt for jobs. Some of the best and popular methods include using job-hunting websites, seeking recruitment agencies’ services, reading newspapers classifieds, and networking. With networking, you use personal and professional connections to know any vacancies that may have arisen in Singapore. You can also seek internships in companies to gain hands-on experience, and once vacancies are available, you will stand a better chance. The experience can even land you jobs in other businesses in a similar industry.

Preparing for Interviews

After submitting several applications, you need to ready yourself for interviews–oral, written, online, and any other type. One critical preparation step is getting your CV professionally written, which you can do yourself or hire a service. You may also get HR professionals to take you through mock interviews to boost your confidence and improve your chances of sailing through the interviews. Besides getting ready about possible professional and personal questions, you may need some aesthetic enhancements like a facial and teeth whitening, if necessary, to make you more presentable.

CV template to consider the job you’re applying for.

The first step in choosing a CV template is to consider the job you’re applying for. Different jobs will require different types of CVs. For example, if you’re applying for a design position, you might want to use a creativeCV template. If you’re applying for a more traditional job, such as an administrative assistant position, you might want to use a more conservativeCV template.

Job Offer and Getting Necessary Documents

You could be lucky to pass several interviews or just one, and you will get your job offer. If you agree to the terms and consider it satisfactory or good enough, you will need to accept the offer and new title. With some industries and positions, you will have to get government registrations and other approvals. Here you will avail details about your pay scale and job sector. Some fields like law, medicine, nursing, and engineering, among others, need you to have registered earlier.

After accepting your job offer, you need to start the work visa application. You have to pay a give non-refundable fee as you submit your application. Within seven days, you may have your application processed if you applied online, but for manual application, it could take up to five weeks.

You can be sure to secure a job with the above easy steps and engaging various professionals who have learned the ropes in the job hunting and recruitment processes.

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