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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Car Accident Lawyer



Car Accident

Car Accident

From managing injuries and dealing with the stress and trauma to navigating the financial expenses and handling the property damages, getting into a vehicular accident can be challenging. A skilled and qualified car accident lawyer can help you receive the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve. To help make your lawyer search more efficient, here are ten mistakes you must avoid and a few tips to help you with your claim.

Choosing impulsively

Hiring a lawyer without proper research or due diligence is one of the biggest mistakes when choosing an accident lawyer. Your attorney will fight for you in this legal battle, so ensuring he’s effective is crucial. Even if a loved one refers you to a lawyer, make sure to check his background and credentials. Avoid rushing the process and exert all possible information sources.

Prioritizing budget over quality

Since legal claims can be costly, some victims often choose to represent themselves or hire attorneys with low rates, assuming that all lawyers are equal. While not all inexpensive attorneys are inexperienced, hiring a professional with reasonable rates and who can deliver quality results is more ideal than going with a discounted lawyer with substandard service.

Not understanding their fees

Another mistake to avoid is not knowing your attorney’s fees. Most lawyers charge on a contingency basis, so until your case is finished, you don’t need to pay them anything yet.

Trustworthy lawyers are always up front with how they bill their clients, so if your potential car accident attorney requires you to pay upfront or answers ambiguously, it would be best to find someone else.

Being swayed by blind promises

Since various factors influence the settlement amount, no lawyer, even the highly experienced ones, can tell you precisely how much you’ll be getting. If you encounter someone who promises you an exact amount once they win the case, take it as a red flag and move on.

Find a car accident lawyer who provides a feasible estimate of what you can receive. Stay away from lawyers who speak well but without facts to back them up. A good attorney sets realistic expectations, while bad ones promise the impossible.

Hiring an inexperienced attorney

While hiring new lawyers with little to zero experience is common, working with a lawyer with a proven track record can increase your chances of securing a win. An experienced car accident lawyer has years of experience handling vehicular accident claims as they have dealt with various scenarios and multiple victims. Experienced car accident attorneys are experts in building cases and can efficiently assess if they need to bring the case to court or if settling is more beneficial.

Not trusting your instincts

During the selection process, evaluate how each lawyer makes you feel, and go with your instincts. Regardless of how decorated your potential lawyer is, you must be completely comfortable with them or at least can foresee that you’ll have a good working relationship. Since you’ll communicate with them often, you need someone responsive, patient, and accessible.

Foregoing the initial meeting

Another costly mistake you should avoid is not meeting with your lawyer before hiring them. Your lawyer is integral to the success of your case, so choosing someone qualified is essential. No matter how hectic your schedule is, you must meet with your potential accident attorney to assess if they suit your needs.

Even if your preferred lawyer has an excellent reputation, make sure you go through the proper screening process. Once you meet with them, take time to ask them questions. Inquire how they work, their payment structure, initial assessment of your case, and other questions that can help give you a general idea of how they are as a professional and as a person.

Selecting a general lawyer

Lawyers have different specializations, so choosing someone well-versed in car accidents is vital. Hiring a lawyer without experience in handling accident claims is inefficient and unproductive. Most lawyers or law firms specialize, so finding a car accident attorney should not be challenging.

Not checking if they have trial experience

Companies usually know which lawyers usually settle and those who have their client’s best interests at heart. Not all accident cases go into settlement, so finding a lawyer with enough courtroom experience is necessary.

Check your preferred accident lawyer’s track record and see how many cases they have settled and the frequency of courtroom appearances. If they have a history of always settling, it would be best to move on to your next candidate.

Not widening your search

While location is integral when choosing a car accident lawyer, you should not compromise your case for distance convenience. Extend your search further if there’s no qualified lawyer within your area. Good lawyers are willing to go the extra mile for their clients, so don’t hesitate to hire someone miles away from your place.

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