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6 Disadvantages of Not Hiring a Lawyer in a Truck Accident Case





Handling automobile wreck and injury cases is no teasing joke. The pain, confusion, and mental exhaustion are too much for a DIYer. Proving the guiltiness of the truck accident driver can drain your resources and time. And as you know, the jury isn’t in for emotional gameplay, so they won’t compensate you just because you’re hurt. So what are the disadvantages of not hiring a truck accident attorney?

1. Valuing the Claim will be a Problem

The trucking company insurer will send an adjuster several days after the truck accident. They’ll offer a compensation amount suiting their unique preconditions. In many instances, the amount is way lower than the actual claim value. If you don’t hire a truck accident lawyer, the trucking insurance adjuster will trick you into accepting the low-valued compensation.

2. You’ll Have to Battle the Experienced Insurers

Insurance companies have competent and well-equipped representatives. These experts know how to manipulate and take advantage of your naivety. If you fail to accept the quoted compensation, they may take you in rounds until you succumb to their manipulation. Insurance company representatives understand that truck lawyers are equally experienced. So, they can’t play such tricks on your insurance company.

3. Determining Liability is No Joke

Determining liability is another factor that increases the importance of a truck accident lawyer. Truck accident cases are way beyond naysays and police records. The jury wants you to prove the truck driver has a case to answer. By yourself, you cannot assemble and process the needed evidence to prove a truck accident case. Even if you win the case, you may not receive worthy compensation.

4. Filing a Court Case is Difficult

Filing a truck accident court case requires gathering accident scene photographs and physical evidence. You might also need witnesses and testimonies from eyewitnesses. These aren’t materials present to everyone, especially an accident victim. That means you might struggle a lot to make your case count. The amount of work involved in following up on the case can make you lose interest in the lawsuit.

5. You May Not Understand Your Settlement Options

Most truck accident victims settle lawsuits out of court. That happens when the at-fault driver and their insurance agree to pay the amount you requested. Settling your case out of court saves you time and money on litigation processes. You may not know this by yourself unless you’re a lawyer or have had a similar case.

6. You Don’t Have Legal Expertise

Handling truck accident lawsuits require someone with in-depth knowledge of the industry. As the accident victim, you likely don’t have any industry experience. Pushing the case ahead by yourself will only leave you with lifelong regrets. That’s because you won’t secure the right compensation. Also, you’ll face serious opposition from the trucking company’s insurer during and after the court case.

These are the challenges you will face when you decide to file a truck accident lawsuit without the help of a legal expert. Understand that the benefits of hiring a truck accident lawsuit outweigh the disadvantages.

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