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5 Common Denver Probation Violations





If you’ve been found guilty of a crime, you might be able to avoid prison or jail by being placed on probation instead. Although probation is a better option than prison, it’s not so simple to achieve. It involves complying with a rigid set of terms, and you may face severe consequences if caught breaking the rules of your probation. If you have questions about the terms of your probation talk to your criminal lawyer or probation officer.

It’s important to know how probation violations might land you in jail to avoid making the wrong decisions. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common ways that probation terms are violated in Denver.

  1. Failure To Appear for a Probation Officer’s Appointment

Regular meetings with your probation officer will be required while you are on supervised probation. The purpose of these appointments is to check in on you, see how close you are to finishing your probation, and determine your next steps. If you fail to show up for a scheduled meeting, your probation officer has grounds to report you to the court.

Convicted sex offenders should pay close attention to these rules. Individuals who have been identified as sex offenders are required to reregister and regularly report to local authorities, sometimes for the remainder of their lives.

  1. Absence From a Court Hearing

After a specified timeframe, the judge may request that you return to court for a hearing to examine your progress. It would be a flagrant and serious breach of your probation if you failed to appear in court.

  1. Visiting Prohibited Areas or Making Contact with Prohibited Individuals

Each crime has its own set of probationary terms when it comes to prohibited areas. For instance, you may be barred from communicating with victims or being near specific places where a victim resides if you have been charged with domestic abuse or other forms of harassment.

A person convicted of some sex crimes may also be barred from certain areas. You may be restricted from living or loitering in certain areas of the state if you have been charged with a sex offense in that area.

With the help of your attorney and probation officer, you should carefully review these conditions. Take the time to learn about your travel restrictions. Leaving the state without authorization from your probation officer might be a probation violation in specific situations.

  1. Failing To Pay Fees, Fines, or Compensation

If you are found guilty of a crime, the judge may order you to pay damages to the victim in the form of fines or compensation. If you don’t pay your penalties and restitution on time, you could be prosecuted with a new misdemeanor for breaching your probation.

Adults on probation are also required to pay a monthly supervision fee. In most cases, the probation officer’s income is covered by these fees; therefore, they will submit a report and act immediately if they aren’t getting paid.

  1. Using Drugs or Alcohol

In some cases, you may be prohibited from consuming alcohol or drugs, with the exception of prescription medications. Furthermore, you may be prohibited from going to any establishments that sell alcohol or other substances, and you may have to submit to random drug testing. If you fail the drug screening or are found intoxicated, you may be prosecuted for violating the terms of your probation.

The Bottom Line

If you’re under probation in Denver, learning about your rights when charged with a violation is crucial. This is the ideal approach to effectively fulfill your sentence and adhere to your probationary terms and conditions.

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