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Highly Rated DWI Lawyers in Hays County Texas





Being charged with driving while intoxicated in Texas can result in serious consequences, including hefty fines, a likely jail sentence, and a lifelong criminal record and associated social stigma. In Hays County, DWI charges can be especially harrowing. With upwards of 80% of the county jail’s inmates being held without a conviction, a skilled DWI lawyers Hays County Texas is crucial to avoid jail time, regardless of the specifics of your case. Here’s a list of some of Hays County’s top-rated DWI lawyers with a record of success dealing with complex DWI charges.

Trey Porter of Trey Porter Law:

Continuously recognized among the best criminal defense and DWI lawyers in San Marcos, Trey Porter has been defending those charged with DWIs for the past ten years and has acquired dismissals for a variety of severe and complex cases, including second DWI offenses and those charged with driving with a blood alcohol concentration of .15 or higher. From the moment of arrest to an ALR hearing and potential trial, Porter is here to help throughout every step of the DWI process. Prioritizing his client’s well-being throughout the pendency of their case, Porter ensures a swift jail release for most DWI charges and will always work towards his client’s best outcome, whether this be securing deferred adjudication, a plea deal, or going to trial when a case is likely to be won. Considered a DWI expert, Porter has been recognized among the best DUI lawyers by and has received a variety of positive reviews for his representation, including a perfect score on the lawyer directory website For a free consultation with a premier Hays County Texas DWI lawyer.

Lance Turnbow of The Law Office of Lance Turnbow:

Lance Turnbow is a San Marcos criminal defense attorney well known for defending local Texas college students from DWI and drug charges. With an understanding of the severity of DWI charges, Turnbow is devoted to protecting his client’s records and will always fight for a dismissal, reduction of charges, or a petition for nondisclosure if a case doesn’t go your way. Turnbow possesses extensive knowledge of the Hays County and Central Texas court system and is well versed in negotiating less severe DWI charges down to Reckless Driving or Obstruction of a Highway in order to avoid harsh penalties. Aside from his DWI expertise, as a small law practice, Turnbow office holds several benefits for those charged with a DWI. First, Turnbow holds a steady line of communication with all of his clients, answering all their questions regarding their charges and providing them with peace of mind as they navigate the criminal justice system. Second, Turnbow’s limited caseload allows him to thoroughly review the evidence of each case he takes on and meticulously craft a defense strategy that is unique and personalized to the case at hand. For those looking for an effective DWI lawyer local to Hays County Texas, look no further than Turnbow and call (512) 392- 4756 for a free consultation at his San Marcos office.

Rick Cofer of Cofer and Connelly PLLC:

While focused primarily on complex felonies and DWI charges, Rick Cofer is a tested DWI defense lawyer, with a 94% dismissal and acquittal rate for all the criminal cases he has taken on in the past four years. A member of the National College for DWI Defense, Cofer has a keen awareness of many noteworthy and innovative DWI defense strategies and an eye for spotting potentially faulty chemical tests or law enforcement misconduct during an arrest. Throughout his career, Cofer has represented countless DWI cases and secured favorable outcomes for all sorts of DWIs, including juvenile DUI cases. With experience handling over 100 jury trials and past experience as a DWI prosecutor, Cofer is a skilled litigator prepared to take complex charges to trial. For his acclaimed criminal and DWI representation throughout Texas and Hays County, Cofer is the recipient of a variety of accolades including being recognized within the top 1% of the National Association of Distinguished Counsel and being recognized in 2023’s list of Best Lawyers in America. For a free consultation with one of Hays County’s most renowned DWI lawyers, call (512) 991- 0576.

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