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How Common Are Slip And Fall Injuries?



Personal Injury Case

Personal Injury

After you experience slip and fall accidents, you’re likely to get serious injuries. Statistics suggest that falls are among the common reasons for emergency visits. These accidents result in lost work productivity, considerable pain, and lost wages to millions of people. When you get injured after a slip and fall accident, you are left wondering: how long you will be sore, the fastest way to heal, the amount of compensation you can get, and more. All these things are overwhelming. But the essential thing is getting compensation after the slip and fall accident. Determining the party liable and claim for compensation can be a hassle until you consult reliable slip and fall accident attorneys such as those at Salamati Law Firm in Los Angeles.

Understanding the Slip and Fall Injuries 

Statistically, there are over eight million visits to emergency rooms due to falls each year. From the number, about 12 percent of these patients are from slip and fall injuries.

The moment you slip and fall, there is a high chance of breaking a bone. If not, you may get severe injuries. In addition, falls have become a common cause of hip fractures and injuries. Medical bills in the U.S resulting from slip and fall accidents in a year range to around $34 billion. This shows that slip and fall accidents are common.

Understanding the common types of slip and fall injuries will help you better communicate with your lawyer and doctor. It also allows the doctor to create a treatment program while the lawyer prepares for your claim to get compensation.

The common types of injuries resulting from slip and fall include: knee damage, broken bones, cuts and bruises, traumatic brain injury, spine and nerve damage, shoulder dislocation, and sprained ankles or wrists

Why You Must be Physically Injured to File a Claim 

A slip and fall claim is because of negligence from the responsible party. To claim with negligence reasons, you should satisfy the necessary elements in your claim. First, you should have physical damages. If you don’t have these injuries, it would be hard to file a lawsuit – because if no harm, no foul.

What should you do when you get injured? Get Doctor’s Evaluation 

Perhaps you got hurt after a slip and fall; you need medical attention. You can document the medical injuries to have a base for your claim. Whether you have cuts, bruises, broken bones, or even other injuries – those are needed in your claim.

This is essential evidence that you’ve to gather by seeking medical attention.

What Options Do You Have After the Injury?

When you get physical injuries from a slip and fall accident, the responsible party owes you financial compensation. Sometimes, it takes some digging when determining how the accident occurred. You can prove that the property owner or business owner was negligent. You have to gather evidence to receive maximum compensation for all damages.

Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

The moment you get injured after a slip and fall, contact your personal injury attorney. A qualified lawyer will guide you through your claim process effectively.

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