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How Has Malliha Wilson Represented the Tamil Canadian Diaspora?  



How Has Malliha Wilson Represented the Tamil Canadian Diaspora?  

How Has Malliha Wilson Represented the Tamil Canadian Diaspora?  

In recent years, we have seen a greater emphasis on the importance of representation in various realms. As strides are made to make sure that minorities across Canada have a seat at the table, Malliha Wilson is carrying the torch in the legal field. Born in Sri Lanka of Tamil descent, Wilson has sought to bring the Tamil-Canadian diaspora into the public spotlight for the country and the world to see.

Who Is Malliha Wilson?

As the first visible minority in one of the highest legal offices in Canada, Malliha Wilson has spent decades handling complex litigation. Wilson completed her undergraduate degree at McGill University in Montreal, before going on to complete her law degree at Osgoode Hall Law School at York University in Toronto. Representing Tamil-Canadians, she has become a champion of diversity and inclusion from her entry into public service. She served as an Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Civil, of the Government of Ontario, breaking the glass for women and minorities alike.

Wilson has served as Senior Appellate Litigation Counsel with the Ontario Government for more than three decades, participating in over 20 notable cases at the Supreme Court of Canada and the Ontario Court of Appeal. Specializing in human rights and indigenous law, Wilson has handled complex litigation that some attorneys never see in their lifetime. Her expertise in these fields has led to her current post as Senior Counsel of Nava Wilson LLP, one of Toronto’s leading law firms for corporate, litigation, and real estate law.

Making Representation Matter

Since joining Nava Wilson LLP, Malliha Wilson has represented the Tamil Canadian diaspora at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). This has allowed her to be a leading international voice to address crimes against humanity and war crimes that are alleged to have been committed against the Tamils of Sri Lanka during the country’s Civil War. Wilson has served as a global member of the Tamil diaspora team that was successful in keeping U.N. Resolution 40/1 at the UNHRC in place. This resolution holds the government of Sri Lanka responsible for the tragedies begotten on the Tamil people.

This tremendous victory has helped to obtain information, accountability, and justice for those victims of abuse. The United Nations and member countries behind that resolution are emphasizing the need for the safety of Tamils and activists alike. A U.N. resolution adopted last year establishes a powerful new accountability process to collect, analyze, and preserve evidence of international crimes committed in Sri Lanka for use in future prosecutions. Wilson remains instrumental in making sure that the memories of those fallen are not forgotten, and that the future is safer for those of Tamil descent.

Recognition for Representation

As a special legal advisor for decades in regards to matters of international importance, Malliha Wilson has been honored for her efforts to break barriers for both women and minorities in the court system. In 2009, Wilson was recognized by the South Asian Bar Association with a Distinguished Career Award. She was also recognized by her alma matter of Osgoode Hall Law School with a Gold Key Award for the Public Sector, as well as the 2015 Lawyer of Distinction Award from the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers.

Wilson continues to be recognized in her strides from her time as counsel for the Native Affairs Secretariat in Ontario to the mentorship that she provides women and persons of color as Senior Counsel for Nava Wilson LLP. With an emphasis on human rights law and calling out abuse of the disenfranchised, she continues to make strides to bring Tamil Canadians to center stage, standing out in a variety of careers and industries.

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