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How to choose a legal firm?



choose a legal firm

choose a legal firm

Getting injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault is everyone’s worst nightmare. You could be entitled to compensation for loss of earnings, medical costs, and damage to your belongings. But how do you choose the right legal firm to fight on your behalf?

Choosing the best legal firm to represent you is the single biggest factor in winning your compensation claim. So how do you choose the right bicycle injury lawyer for you?

When should I speak to a bicycle injury lawyer?

If you’ve been knocked off your bike or hit a pothole and suffered an injury, you need to find a legal firm that specializes in compensation claims fast.

A personal injury lawyer can:

  • Pursue your claim for compensation through the courts
  • Use their specialized knowledge to fight and win on your behalf
  • Offer niche expertise to settle cycling-related claims
  • Give you support throughout the compensation claim process

Why do I need a legal firm for my compensation claim?

It’s important to remember that claiming compensation can be a complicated process. Your bicycle injury lawyer will be looking at general damages to cover the costs arising from your injury and specialised costs including loss of earnings.

A specialist legal firm will:

  • Understand you have three years from the date of knowledge of your accident to make a claim
  • Understand that every case is different and work with you to get the best level of compensation
  • Understand the difference between negotiating a great settlement and accepting a compromise that doesn’t work for your best interests

Although only 5% of claims go to court, a specialist bike injury lawyer will fight for the best compensation for you.

How do I find the best legal firm for my compensation claim?

If you’ve suffered an injury that wasn’t your fault, the last thing you want to do is start choosing a legal firm to represent you. This process can seem daunting which is why this article will show you a few tips to help you make the best choice:

Search for specialised personal injury lawyers

Whether you’ve been the victim of an accident on your bike or suffered injury at work, you need a specialist lawyer who can fight for the best compensation. For example, search ‘bike injury lawyer’ to start shortlisting suitable legal firms.

Ask for recommendations

Ask for recommendations from friends and family and read online reviews from previous clients to aid your research. This is a good way to discover a specialist solution that might be right for you. Online reviews allow you to gauge whether a legal firm is offering the injury claims and compensation services you’re looking for – if the majority of reviews are negative, steer clear.

Ignore the cold callers

Don’t get involved with companies that email you out of the blue or cold call you. If a company is prepared to use unethical ways to get your business, the chances are they won’t be the best fit for you when it comes to getting the right result – you should never feel pressured into making a claim. The compensation process can be complex so be wary of companies that offer a quick win and put their profit above your best interests.

Look for professional accreditation

It’s obviously important that you’re represented by a qualified professional. Fortunately, it’s easy to check accreditations online to ensure that your chosen personal injury lawyer is trustworthy, experienced and reputable and can handle your specialist compensation claim. Here’s what to look for:

Check their expertise

Above all, your chosen legal firm needs to be specialists in personal injury claims. You need to be satisfied that they have the expertise to get the right result for you so arrange a face-to-face or video call if possible. Find out about their experience in dealing with personal injury and ask whether they’ve dealt with similar cases to yours before. If you need a specialist bike injury lawyer ask to speak to them about your compensation claim.

Professional and approachable

Do you have confidence in the firm’s ability to do the job? Do you feel you can talk to them about any aspect of your claim? If your lawyer is professional and approachable then you’ll put your trust in them to do the right thing. Settling a compensation claim can be a long and complicated process – you need a lawyer that supports and listens to you and fights for the best possible outcome.

What will my personal injury lawyer do for me?

Deciding to make a compensation claim can be a difficult time. Getting the right personal injury legal firm or a bike injury lawyer can take a massive weight off your shoulders. Their task is to progress your claim if they can and support you every step of the way.

Here’s what your personal injury lawyer can do for you:

  • Let you know whether you can make a claim without pressuring you into doing so
  • Start organising your case by getting together all the relevant paperwork including medical records and submitting it for you
  • Keeping you informed every step of the way in plain English that’s free from jargon and easy to understand
  • Contact the person or organisation responsible for your accident and negotiate on your behalf
  • Act as a single point of contact so you know exactly where you are and how your claim is progressing
  • Give you a rough estimate of the amount of compensation you could expect to receive
  • Arrange additional support including counseling, physiotherapy, or home alterations to make life more comfortable 

If you’re starting out on making a personal injury compensation claim, finding the right legal firm needn’t be difficult. They should be able to put you in touch with the specialist bike injury lawyer you need to see your claim through to a successful conclusion.


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