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Importance of an Attorney in Domestic Abuse Case





Domestic abuse allegations can have detrimental effects on your life, such as family disintegration, loss of reputation, stigma, and punitive penalties. During the Covid 19, restrictions and jobs losses have caused many people to be overly stressed and thus excessively reactive. These misunderstandings may happen, and your partner with their allies may interpret it as an issue of domestic violence. However, accusations of domestic violence may be genuine or a construct. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a legal representation of an experienced attorney.

1. Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse, also known as domestic violence, may occur between married, intimate, living together, or dating persons. Domestic violence can occur at home or in public places.

2. Acts of Domestic Violence

  •       Sexual abuse
  •       Physical abuse
  •       Psychological manipulation
  •       Isolation
  •       Financial abuse
  •       Threats

3. Importance of an Attorney in a Domestic Abuse Case

The attorney offers you protection.

The attorney offers you protection through legal representation, either from unsubstantiated allegations or from an abusive partner

  • Helps You Understand Your Rights

In most cases, the accused or even victims of domestic violence may not understand their legal rights. The attorney helps you understand your rights as well as helping know your options.

  • Gives You a Voice

The attorney will protect you and make your case in a court of law. Most people are shy to talk about their experiences with domestic violence. Therefore an attorney comes in handy to give you a strong voice.

  • Brings the Matter to The Court of Law

Your attorney deals with all the hurdles and challenges to ensure that you receive justice. If you are the defendant, the attorney ensures that you get the fairest trial and stands in the gap between you and the plaintiff.

  • Understanding Mitigating Circumstances and Aggregating factors

Your attorney will use their legal experience in their jurisdiction to look at mitigating circumstances or the aggregating factors affecting your case. These factors may significantly affect the outcomes of your case. Thus it would be best to have a reputable law firm, like the Law Offices of Tad Nelson & Associates, with reputable, experienced lawyers.

  • Birds Eye View

Your experienced attorney can have a birds-eye view of your case and be able to predetermine the implications beyond the current court case. Future such consequences may include, for example, interests of children, which include children custody and visitation. Therefore, it’s of great importance to have an experienced attorney with a good reputation.

4. Penalties of Domestic Violence, “The assault family violence” in Texas

According to the Texas penal code, if found guilty of domestic violence, the judge will likely subject you to one or more of the following penalties.

  •       For first-time domestic violence considered a misdemeanor, you may receive a fine of $4000 and up to 1-year jail term
  •       Repeated Violations, a third-degree felony- A $10,000 fine and 2-10 years’ jail term
  •       For a Second-degree felony, you may receive a fine of $10000 and 2-20 years’ jail term.
  •       First-degree felony- A $10000 fine and 5-99 years’ jail term.
  •       In addition, restitution may be paid, which may include replacing the damaged property or paying for the cost of medical treatment incurred.
  •       You may be required to undergo a rehabilitation program set for domestic violence offenders.


As stated above, a conviction on assault family violence can cause considerable damages to your freedom, reputation, your future, and family relations. Therefore, you will need the services of a reputable, registered, and experienced attorney who will know how to navigate and craft a successful outcome to your favor as they stand by you to the end. Your attorney will ensure you receive a fair trial within a reasonable time.

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