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Signs and symptoms of nursing home abuse – How to spot a victim





As per Pew Research Center and data collected from the United States Census Bureau, there are are around 80 million baby boomers currently in the US. Elderly people can spend a lot of money for the attention and care provided by senior care facilities. But not every nursing home patient is getting proper care, according to reports of nursing home abuse. If you ask a nursing home abuse and neglect attorney, you’ll know the gaining momentum of such cases. 

If your loved one was admitted to the nursing home for some chronic illness, can you spot whether or not she was a victim of nursing home abuse? Are you aware of the symptoms? If answered no, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Symptoms and signs of nursing home abuse

Nursing home patients might inform their loved ones and families that they are being victims of abuse. There are several other patients who might not reveal their unfortunate instances of abuse. Here are a few symptoms and signs to be aware of:

  • Changes in behavioral and emotional state

As per reports from the National Institute on Aging, nursing home abuse will always include symptoms and signs like confusion, depression, lack of interest in any kind of activities, agitation, withdrawal from groups and relationships. If you spot any such behavioral change in your loved one, you can be sure that she was a victim of nursing home abuse. 

  • Weight loss and malnutrition

When you visit your loved one at the nursing home and you notice rapid weight loss despite no such alteration in diet or physical activity, you should be sure that she is being subject to nursing home neglect and abuse. The patient may not be getting proper food at the nursing home facility where you have admitted her.

  • Infections and injuries

Do you find unexplained bruises on her body? On asking her the reason behind the bruises, do you find her hesitating to share with you? Does the patient have infections that could be easily preventable or treatable? All these can be signs of nursing home abuse.

  • Sudden changes in dosage and medication levels

There are times when friends and family members check on a loved one admitted in a nursing home and they discover that the medication has suddenly changed, without notifying the family of the patient. This is also another example of nursing home abuse. 

So, whenever you spot the above-listed symptoms and signs, speak to a nursing home abuse attorney for legal help. 

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