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Successful Co-Parenting Tips During Summer Vacation. Share Vacation Plans With Your Ex





Co-parenting during summer vacations need not be stressful. This can be established by parents agreeing on who will spend the holidays with the kids. Plans on how the kids will spend their vacation and if there is need for both of them to chip in with moneywise.

Sometimes, people breakup after years of being together and making a beautiful family. Issues may arise pertaining child custody and support prompting partners to seek Billings Family Law attorneys to help them settle the matter in court.

However, parents can go separate ways but still co-exist peacefully while successfully co-parent even during holidays. These are some helpful tips for co-parenting during holidays.

  • Early Planning

In life, it is best when you plan everything ahead of time. Make schedules of how you want to spend your day, week, and even month. You are more likely to achieve your goals and address any obstacles easily because of planning ahead.

The same should be done while co-parenting over the holidays. Proper planning and early communication will save you the stress that comes with having your children over. Considering you and your ex might have different schedules, it is important that you start early planning.

Instead of waiting until school closes, discuss with your ex on who will have the kids over for the holidays. Understanding everyone’s schedules will help you to plan around them to avoid any disagreements.

Communicate and create a holiday calendar that works for both of you as well as the children. Make prior engagements and activities for the kids to ensure they enjoy their stay. Peacefully find a way to work through unavailable periods for both of you.

As you plan, you are able to also able to budget for the vacation. You can decide to split the budget if it is burdensome to one parent.

  • Involve your children in plan making

Parents are used to taking charge and making plans for every holiday or vacation. It is a natural instinct and they may sometimes get carried away forgetting they have teenagers in the house. It is important to engage your children before making any summer plans.

Considering it is every child’s favorite time of the year, ensure they are fully involved in the plans. You do not want to make plans and instead have a sulking child all throughout that period. Children grow up and so does their preference in activities they take in.

Sometimes, your children might have their own summer plans. Instead of dragging them to places they do not want, ask them where they would like to spend their holidays. You can also ask your children if there are specific activities that they love doing and have an easy time creating a calendar that favors everyone.

Do not assume that your teenage children would automatically love whatever plans you have in store. A few suggestions from them goes a long way to ensuring everyone is happy and content. Your child’s happiness should come first. Read more here

  • Creating rules and enforcing them

No child ever keeps up with their school schedules over summer holidays. Every one of them always looks forward to staying up late. It is essential for every household to have rules to help manage the children over such periods. These rules will also help them have a smooth transition once the holidays are over and schools re-open.

When creating rules, both parents must be on board. It will be useless for one house to have rules and none in the other. It becomes quite a challenge for everyone. Ensure you are on the same book with your co-parent in terms of rules and enforcing them.

The same rules can made even on vacations. Different countries have different legal ages to consider one an adult. You do not want your child engaging in mischievous because they are of legal age in the country you are vacationing in.

Have a set of rules and ensure all the kids are aware of them and their repercussions. This will help you to manage them and ensuring no one stays out of line.

  • Budgeting for summer vacation

If there is one thing every parent will agree on is that they spend the most money when the children are at home for holiday breaks. The bills go slightly high with the children at home because water taps are left running and they stay up late watching and playing video games.

Trips to the grocery store and supermarket increases because you need more food and additional snacks. The family budget stretches a little bit because the kids will need new clothes to wear over the summer.

You and your co-parent have to make an early budgeting plan for the summer to avoid any financial constraints. Avoid embarrassing situations and budget ahead. For vacations, split bills to make it easier for each other and ensuring the kids have the most out of their vacation. Click here to learn more.


The most important tip in co-parenting is trying to be flexible.  However, much you make plans for each day or weekend, events may come up. Situations may change completely interrupting the schedules you have.

You have to exercise flexibility to ensure everything runs smoothly. Always share your vacation plans with your co-parent prior so that it is workable for everyone’s schedules and arrangements. Plan summer vacations that will leave your children with the best memories.

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