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Who is Accountable for an Accident That Involves a Rental Car?





The travel season has just begun, and most people are planning for their vacations. It indicates that vehicle rentals are increasing, and that also maximizes the rental car accidents. If you crash into a rental car or are driving one, it will be challenging to get compensation. It’s essential to know who will be covering the damage cost?

Today, there are expert car accident injury lawyers who can address all your queries about liability and assist you to file a compensation.

The ways to recover compensation

In some places, the drivers possessing car insurance might need to purchase an added insurance for the rental car, irrespective of where they travel within the United States. Also, it’s your PIP (Personal Injury Protection) that must pay for the medical bills and other damages until the limit that you chose when you purchased the policy, regardless of you being in a rental car or your car.

If you lack car insurance and wish to have the PIP advantages, you might have to purchase coverage from a rental car organization. Having said that, you can legally drive any rental car when you don’t have this coverage in some areas.

The added insurance coverage

It’s an intelligent decision to buy added insurance from the rental car organization for maximizing the overall coverage amount. And even if you possess the PIP, purchasing more from any rental car organization will maximize the PIP limits. And if you lack the comprehensive or collision coverage in the car policy, you might not wish to buy it from the rental car organization.

The coverage from the credit card

It’s necessary to note that there can be a waiver for the collision damage when you pay for your rental car using the credit card. It means you might not be required to purchase this waiver from a rental vehicle organization. Also, the collision damage waiver forbids the rental car organization from chasing you for the car damages.

In certain places, car rental organizations don’t offer the state-maximum insurance liability needs in a contract. It means if you don’t have a state driver, you have to think about buying insurance from a car rental organization.

Deciding who pays for the damages post the rental car accident

Few states are a no-fault zone, and you need to file the compensation claim using the PIP insurance provided you got injured in the crash. And deciding on the liability of the accident is still considered essential.

It is essential to establish the one who are driving your rental car first during the crash. You need to keep in mind that specific insurance policies might cover the authorized drivers. Hence, if a person who got nominated as the permissible driver caused the collision, the insurance organization might not accept the liability. Also, you might have to chase the compensation from the individual driving a car. In case you were the rented car driver and another person crashed the rental car, you might pursue the compensation from your liability insurance from the driver at fault. These are a few things that you need to remember, and also contact a lawyer for further help.

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