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Why Hire a Private Investigator for Your Divorce Case? 



Private Investigator

Private Investigator

If you are willing to lessen the chaos and stress related to a divorce procedure, hiring a private detective is perhaps the best way to do that. It can be because both parties can get into the proceedings after much research, with more accuracy and verified details. 

Getting a divorce from the court is an extremely strenuous and difficult experience, irrespective of the relationship a couple shared. It becomes more complicated when children too get involved and the question of their custody comes forward. Regardless of who is faulty, nearly every couple goes through disagreements over who’s responsible for dragging things to the court. Disagreements also take place over the division of assets and legal responsibilities. 

While so many things involved in divorce proceedings make things difficult for couples, circumstances are further worsened when facts are molded. It’s shocking to know that divorce proceedings are sometimes framed and fabricated, causing misinterpretations and resultant benefits for one party, while distressing for the other. Luckily, there are several ways in which one can eliminate the chances of being wrongly presented in court. If you are looking forward to an honest and fair settlement between you and your partner, hiring private investigators is the best way to do so. With these services being available, an easy, fair, and hassle-free divorce settlement can be availed by everyone. Also known as private detectives, these people couple be hired to get things done the right way. 

What is the job of private investigators?

Private investigators or detectives are thoroughly trained professionals who research, verify, and scrutinize information on every matter by using a plethora of specialist techniques like interrogation, surveillance, fact-finding, etc. Major PIs are hired by big insurance companies, attorneys, and other professionals who need thorough investigation. Divorce is one of the domains where there’s a high demand for PIs. 

 Mostly, divorce involves issues like domestic violence, verbal abuse, toxicity, adultery, and extramarital affairs. PIs are proficient and skilled individuals trained to examine a wide assortment of items like complex organizational or financial issues which might lead to divorce in some cases. 

We have listed some of the prime jobs concerning divorce cases that PIs are expected to do: 

  • Gathering proof of allegations

Both parties have to explain the fault and present enough evidence in support of the allegations made. Usually, divorces are sought on fault grounds. The conventional fault grounds, the allegation of cruelty in forms of adultery, violence, desertion, sexual dysfunction, or imprisonment is the most common cause of seeking a divorce. Whenever such divorce cases are addressed, the judge asks for sufficient proofs to be presented in court. This is where the role of PIs comes in. 

Collecting proof of faulty actions without the direction of a professional Investor might put one’s life at risk or damage his/ her impression in front of the lawyer. The emotional and untrained ways of communication can also impact the judgment of the lawyer negatively. Not only are investigators properly trained to tackle the associated dangers, but also conduct investigations in adherence to the procedures and rules. 

  • Child Custody

Besides taking responsibility for the children, the court also settles the issue of the child’s custody. Besides fault grounds, some divorces also occur when one of the couples has issues regarding the child’s welfare. In such cases, the other person is usually labeled as an offender or drug addict who’s incapable of taking the child’s responsibility. 

These are extremely sensitive issues, which can leave a child traumatized. Again, in these cases, PIs take the task of finding out truths. They examine all proofs and information gathered and accordingly deny or confirm the allegations stated by a party. Based on their research and findings, the court passes its judgments about the child’s custody. 

  • Child Support

Divorces are especially tough for couples with children. It undoubtedly creates a strong impact on their minds. To ensure that you get a fair share to raise your child properly, investigators find out the real assets and income of both parties to ensure that you get fair and reasonable coverage. Often we see distrust between couples has led to attempts made anyone hide or misrepresent income, wages, and assets to reduce any legally obligated childcare payment. To make sure the other person isn’t burdened financially with the responsibility of bringing up a child, investors make sure every fact and figure presented is true. 

  • Asset Searches

Rarely are assets divided between the couple in a manner that is acceptable to both parties. Regardless of whether the disagreement is over the division of car payments, gifts, physical assets, mortgage responsibilities, or inheritances, in all matters PIs are required to dive into the case. They utilize a lot of resources to come up with a more acceptable plan or strategy keeping in mind the demands of both parties. Private investigators are most needed in circumstances when both parties doubt the other one of hiding assets. However, thus us an extremely common case we see in today’s divorce scenarios. 

With the rate of divorces increasing day by day, couples are facing innumerable difficulties when considering ending their marriage. One of the best ways of ensuring that the divorce proceedings are conducted fairly, hiring an experienced PI is essential. If you are looking for a well-reputed lawyer in this regard, you can go through Lydia Moritz Lawyer Reviews. She is one of the most experienced, approachable, and professional family lawyers. 

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