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Why should you lawyer-up before filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy?





Do you have to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy? Are you tempted to do it all by yourself? It is understandable, especially when you are already in a cash fix. However, you should still read this post and then make up your mind. Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers do more than signing the forms. They are your expert guide, negotiator, and go-to person for everything you need with the filing process.

Here are the top reasons to “lawyer-up” before filing for bankruptcy.

Knowledge of the laws

Bankruptcy Code is complicated for many lawyers; this should give you some idea about the judicial nightmare you are about to embark upon. Some laws specifically apply to you and others to your debtor. Rules can change, and you might need to adapt your strategy. The only way to stay on top of all this is to hire professional help.

Protection from lenders

Insistent creditors will be an issue when you decide to file for bankruptcy and may even hire a collections lawyer to collect your debt. Harassment is a major cause for concern, and the best form of protection that you can ensure yourself is to hire a professional Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney. If you get harassed, all you need to do is pick up the phone to call your lawyer.

Quick navigation through the process

Legal processes take time. You do not need to be a lawyer to know that much, and this is why a professional can help you by saving time. A lawyer will get the case moving simply because they have the necessary connections to expedite the process.

Stay on top of paperwork

Bankruptcy proceedings will generate a lot of paperwork. Without a lawyer, you will need to keep track of all the documents, present each information as and when required, and fill out forms in the correct order. In case of a mistake, the process will take a lot more time and lead to further complications with the debt issue. A lawyer will enable you to keep true to your timings and filing schedule with proper legal advice, documentation, and filing processes.

Avoiding mistakes

As stated in the previous section, any mistake with filing documents and forms will lengthen an already complicated process. A personal bankruptcy attorney will perform all the necessary duties required to ensure the most accurate data.

Peace of mind

Filing for bankruptcy causes issues on the personal front as well. We understand that it is a period of uncertainty, and this is when you will experience a lot of stress. Professional legal help will ensure that the case stays on track at all times while you can take better care of your health and mental wellbeing.

It is better to have a competent and experienced bankruptcy expert to handle your Chapter 7 filing. It will allow you to avoid a lot of legal hassles and headaches. Costly mistakes might even lead to stricter economic penalties. So, hire your expert today and reduce your legal hassles.

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