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Ministry of the Environment and Mascota Mansion sign an agreement to strengthen medical care for wildlife





The Ministry of the Environment and Water of Guayas and Mansión Mascota signed yesterday, August 13, an inter-institutional cooperation agreement to strengthen the medical care of wild fauna, a product of retention and rescue due to illegal traffic in the province and at the national level.

With the Mansión Mascota agreement, it can provide veterinary medical assistance at the national level to specimens of wild fauna that are under the responsibility of the Zonal Environmental Directorate and that derive from rescues and retentions; as well as those placed in temporary custody by members of the Environmental Protection Unit of the National Police (UPMA).

In addition, it will support the implementation of veterinary medical care programs in wildlife possession and management centers or ex-situ conservation facilities.

Mansión Macosta shall issue a quarterly list of the specimens and the procedures applied in each case under the formats established by the Ministry of the Environment and Water.

The veterinary clinic will also be able to implement programs for the sterilization of companion animals (dogs and cats) in protected areas and / or in buffer zones, among other aspects.

Mansión Mascota has received ocelots, birds, anteaters, and monkeys from wildlife trafficking or injured by human activities. For Eliana Molineros, director of the clinic, the agreement signed is a great advance that will allow us to continue saving these types of animals.

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