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Madden NFL 21 Ultimate Team Guide For Getting Best Cards (Players)



With “Face of the Franchise” and “The Yard”, publisher EA Sports is donating two new game modes to its NFL 21 simulation. But let’s face it: True to the FIFA variant, Madden Ultimate Team (MUT 21) remains the real deal! Our Madden 21 Ultimate Team Guide helps you hunt for the best cards or players.

NFL 21 Ultimate Team Guide

NFL 21 Ultimate Team Guide

How do you make a team of less talented bronze players competitive quickly and effectively? Since there are not only eleven but more than 30 starting players compared to FIFA, it is important to fill the elementary positions with good or even top players first. So let’s start with the most important all players: the quarterback! Here, those who pre-ordered Madden 21 continue to have an advantage.

Owners of the MVP version will receive a full gold pack as well as an 86 OVR Elite card from Lamar Jackson. The MVP, feared for his runs at just under 30 km/h per hour, is also the cover star of this year’s Madden edition. On top of that, there is a Power-Up card from the Ravens QB, which can be quickly upgraded to 87 OVR with training points as well as the elite card.

The best QB starters and the Jackson touchdown special

All early starters also own an exclusive Team Elite Pack, where you can select one of 32 fixed players. However, they all have an OVR of 82 and are therefore in most cases worse than the game’s elite base card. With an 82 Patrick Mahomes (elite card is at 88) you are at the beginning reasonably passable if you limit yourself to matches against the CPU.

However, the choice of Mahomes is not mandatory if you start with Madden 21 before September 6. Until then, a Lamar Jackson 85 OVR card for UT can be purchased in SuperStar KO mode – a kind of fast online draft mode outside of Madden Ultimate Team. The card is slightly worse than the normally available Elite card and cannot be used in the Power-Up card. You’ll get it now if you’ve scored five touchdowns in SuperStar KO mode.

Best Rivalz Tokens To Swap

For those who aren’t eligible for any of the three QB options, there’s no choice but to go into the first solo challenge without an elite quarterback. However, as these are kept very simple, this is not a big problem.

The tasks of the MUT Rivalz campaign offer the perfect start, are not too complex and already have a very good reward in petto with the choice of an 85 player. In about two hours of playtime, the necessary four tokens are earned. The fifth token is then available for 100 Madden coins to purchase in the shop.

The five rival tokens can be exchanged in the sets for either Jaylon Smith (85, middle linebacker), Zach Ertz (85, tight end), or Ben Roethlisberger (85, quarterback). If you’re still without a good playmaker, you’ll find “Big Ben”. But beware: The Steelers QB’s athleticism is usually not enough for online duels. As soon as a better QB is on the team, Roethlisberger can be exchanged for one of the other two in the same set – for example, Zach Ertz! The Rivalz card of the powerful tight end is a very good choice and is the first reliable allusion point in the offense.

Choose Team Captain: Williams As Best Option

Once all rivalry campaigns are complete, your MUT level should have already exceeded 20. In other words, hopefully, you’ve got one or two good players from the Level Up rewards, who of course go straight into the team. In addition, you get three special players, which we will introduce you to here:

  • Sam Mills: This year’s MUT Master is a former linebacker for the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers. Mills starts with 75 OVR and can be further upgraded with MUT master tokens. You will receive these for achieving various presets found under Missions/MUT Master. A few go fast, others are long-term challenges over several months.
  • Andre Johnson: The Level Master WR only starts with 73 OVR. Using the Level Challenges, which you unlock by reaching levels 7 and 18, Johnson quickly reaches an 84 OVR. The challenges last about 15 to 25 minutes per set. With the tokens unlocked there and obtained at certain level-ups, Johnson is quickly at a very good level and another powerful weapon of your offense.
  • The third special player, the team captain, has the choice: CB Aeneas Williams, DT La’Roi Glover, HB Eddie George, or WR Ed McCaffrey. The Team Captain has 87 OVR directly and thus a direct impact on your team. Since we get both a strong halfback and another good wide receiver in the next Solo Challenges campaign, we chose Aeneas Williams. The Team Captain also gets stronger as the game progresses with upgrades via Team Captain tokens. There are several ways to play these tokens. But: You can only use three per series. If you are not satisfied with your choice later, the Team Captain can be exchanged in the sets.
Choose Team Captain

Choose Team Captain

The second Solo Challenge campaign is NFL Epics. Here you get a quartet of players with 85 OVR, who directly strengthen your team. To unlock the players, you must successfully complete the appropriate Epic Moment Challenge. These are available after a total of 40 stars have been collected in each player’s challenges. With 96 stars possible per player, you can focus on the simple challenges and don’t have to play at the highest difficulty level, let alone achieve all bonus goals. After an hour and a half to two, HB Adrian Peterson, WR Larry Fitzgerald, FS Ronnie Lott, and LE Jack Youngblood join the Ultimate Team.

The most important key positions are now filled. Since you should have amassed around 150,000 to 200,000 MUT 21 coins through the Challenges and Level Ups, you can now become active in the Auction House and treat yourself to some desired players and cover urgent needs. In addition, you have received some Power Up passes that can be used as jokers in the Power Up process for the specified OVR. Make sure you use them as rewardingly as possible and don’t waste them on less valuable players. By means of a downgrade, you get the Power Up passes back. Nevertheless, half of the training points issued go flute with this move. It is also advisable to write down the passports used so that you can find them if necessary.

Your further career in MUT 21 should now lead you into the Team Affinity campaign, where you can unlock more good players – an 84 OVR as a reward, another 84 or 89 OVR via sets. Here you can look at the positions that are even weaker. In addition, in the newly launched Superstar MVPs campaign with 135 stars, you’ll receive one of four 85-86 OVR players from the card series of the same name. The good thing about the superstars: they are directly equipped with X-Factor and Passive Abilities.

Last but not least, we recommend completing the 13 solo battles spread throughout the week on a weekly basis. Finally, Madden 21 follows the logic: Better leaderboard place equals better packs and more coins!

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