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9 reasons why you should use chatbots in customer service



customer service

customer service

Of course, there are situations that only a competent and trained customer service team member can handle. However, often, people calling the hotline or visiting the facility ask a set of the same, standard questions that do not require in-depth analysis. Then a virtual assistant or chatbot is perfect for business. There are different types of chatbots who can manage chat easily.

Automating customer service is becoming a common practice not only for large companies. So what are the advantages of using chatbots in marketing and communication with consumers?

1. Fast customer service

A computer program can conduct conversations just when the client expects it, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

2. Personalize Messages

A chatbot endowed by a programmer with artificial intelligence is never impatient or in a bad mood. He remembers everything and always gives the correct answers. At the same time, he addresses the interlocutor by name, is sometimes witty, can answer funnily and hit the ball. Thanks to message personalization and dialogue (even if two people do not participate), the client feels that the company is devoting time.

3. Customer engagement

The modern customers expects immediate response, simplicity and ease of use of the website. A chatbot is a tool that enables very fast communication. The company’s commitment pays off with the commitment of customers. Of course, the bot will not answer all questions and will not solve every case, but it will transfer the user to live chat or connect with a consultant in complex matters.

4. Building a relationship with the client

Often it is not apparent whether you are dealing with a chatbot or a human being. Therefore, building positive customer relationships with the brand is possible also through a robot. The most important thing is that the company should meet the expectations of consumers.

5. Notifications about new offers

They help keep customers interested in your products. By conducting subsequent conversations, bots learn about consumer preferences. Thanks to this, they can personalize the offer and notify about what should be interesting for a given person.

6. Surveys

It also helps customers and one of the best source for customer satisfaction.

7. Remarketing and advertising personalization

When the consumer performs any activity on the website – reviews the offer, or places a product in the basket in the e-shop, but does not make a purchase, the chatbot can automatically remind him about it. As a result, product notifications and advertisements are personalized and, therefore, more effective.

8. Building a brand image

The fact that the company uses the benefits of technology suggests that it is modern and keeps up with the times. The modern consumer does not like to wait. When shopping online, it requires the entire process to run smoothly, even if there are some problems along the way. Chatbots make it possible to meet these expectations, build relationships with customers and build a positive image.

9. Low maintenance cost

Automated customer service is not only fast but also does not generate ongoing high costs. For example, the implementation of a chatbot that replaces telephone consultants can quickly pay for itself.

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