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How E-Invoicing Can Benefit Your Business





It is the responsibility of every entrepreneur to record sales. It is worth using the Internet to issue an invoice. With a good online invoicing program, you can easily issue an invoice. Such a program has many other advantages.

Electronic invoice

In other words, an e-invoice is a well-known document for peoples, which has been available for several years. In 2013, the laws allowed the e-invoice to be considered the same document as a regular paper invoice. The electronic invoice is a document sent to the customer by using invoice maker, usually in a PDF file and via e-mail. As a rule, the customer should agree to document transactions with e-invoices. It doesn’t have to do this in any special way. It is enough that he does not object if he receives such a document. This means that he agreed to receive it.

Online invoicing has many advantages. Among others:

  • saving time and money
  • fast delivery time to the customer
  • data safety
  • easy and convenient storage.

Save time and money when invoicing online.

Running a business requires a lot of commitment from an entrepreneur and, above all, a lot of time. An electronic invoice can be issued literally in a few moments. For this purpose, special programs for online invoicing are very helpful, most often integrated with CEIDG and the Central Statistical Office. Thanks to this functionality, it is enough to enter the contractor’s NIP (tax identification number) in the program, and the system will download the necessary address data and company name itself. The entrepreneur has the option of creating his database of contractors, which will allow him to issue new invoices faster in the future. By deciding to issue e-invoices, you can save on printing documents, paper, envelopes, stamps, or sending by registered mail.

Some invoicing software available on the web operates in the SaaS (Software as a Service) system, which means that the software user pays only when using it. An example of such software is Billdu.

Fast e-invoice delivery time to the customer

An electronic invoice is issued quickly, and it can reach the contractor just as quickly. The fastest way to get it delivered is via invoicing software. The document does not need to be downloaded to the desktop. Most programs also have a payment reminder option (sent to the customer via SMS or e-mail).

Safe online invoicing

All data contained in the issued documents via the invoicing program are safe. The entrepreneur does not have to worry that unauthorized persons will have access to them because the software vendor is responsible for data security.

Another factor that speaks in favor of issuing e-invoices is ecology. Electronic invoicing does not require issuing and collecting paper invoices.

Storage of electronic invoices

Online invoicing is a beneficial solution for every entrepreneur who does not have to store the issued documents on his computer. All invoices go to the cloud, where they are stored for the legally required period. The entrepreneur has access to them at any time and no longer has to collect documents in the office.

Which online invoicing software should you choose?

Before choosing an online program, it is worth checking how it works and whether it has all the needed functions in your own company. Therefore, it is worth trying out the Free version of the program first. It’s also a good idea to use independent online invoicing software rankings.

The market of online invoicing software has been highly competitive in recent years. Producers of stationary invoicing programs have made online versions more or less successful. The regulations are constantly changing, forcing entrepreneurs to check contractors online ( white list of taxpayers, whether they are an active VAT taxpayer, VIES ), generate and send JPK V7M or JPK V7K Standard Control Files, and at the request of JPK-FA because the good online invoicing program must have all these capabilities and be intuitive at the same time.

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