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Why The Conners Isn’t As Good As Roseanne



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Growing up in the 80s and 90s, sitcoms like Roseanne and Cheers were a staple in our household. They were funny, witty, and relatable. In 2018, a new sitcom was released that followed the same family’s struggles – and it was named ‘The Conners’. While I still watch it occasionally, I certainly don’t enjoy it a much as I enjoyed watching Roseanne. Here is why that is.

The Character Changes

While we were all excited about seeing John Goodman weight loss, there are other changes we weren’t as happy about. Firstly, Roseanne Barr is not part of the cast. This was a last minute decision due to a tweet she posted, and we’d rather not get into the details of that situation. Nonetheless, the comedian was the heart and soul of the original sitcom (it was even named after her) m and he is missed on The Conners. Her replacement, Katey Sagal, is a good actress but she doesn’t deliver the same flavor that we got from Roseanne. Luckily, we still have the gem that is John Goodman, and his interactions with his on-screen sister in-law Laurie Metcalf have changed very little it seems – they might have even intensified. Sara Gilbert’s character (Darlene) is still full of angst as she has always been – and we even see a semblance of the teenage Darlene in her daughter, albeit with a more contemporary interpretation.

Politically Correct Culture

A major part of the charm of the original sitcom was that the show was very blunt, and it spoke of difficult situations that are not often mentioned online. While we still have some of that in The Conners, there is definitely a lot of focus on being politically correct. This isn’t an inherently wrong thing – but it changes the show into something entirely different. Just as we are all walking on eggshells in fear of saying something wrong – the comedy on The Conners is clipped and restricted for the same reasons. This takes away from the dark humor somehow, making it a little duller than it would have been if the comedians and writers could just make jokes freely.

Positive Reviews Of The Conners

Nonetheless, the show seems to have been successful so far, even throughout the pandemic. It was still able to show tragic humor, especially surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and its economical and psychological impact. I’m not saying it’s a bad show – not at all. I still watch it, waiting for the next episode or season. And I might be comparing the two shows and giving ‘Roseanne’ more credit than it’s due because of a touch of nostalgia – but I honestly don’t think the two sitcoms compare.

On the show, life in Lanford hasn’t changed much – which is true of many small towns in America. The Conners also keeps things interesting by allowing us to view the different character’s problems instead of focusing on the main character’s life. This allowed for more diversity  in the storyline, which can be considered a good thing.

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