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6 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid After a Pedestrian Accident



Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian Accident

Getting into a pedestrian accident can be traumatizing, especially if you’ve sustained life-threatening injuries. You must exhaust all available resources and avoid making crucial mistakes that can significantly influence the outcome of your case. If you’re recently involved in a pedestrian accident, here are six common mistakes you must avoid to ensure you get the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve.

Not reporting the accident

Even if no one was seriously harmed, it is imperative you contact the police right away. Refrain from being swayed by the negligent driver should they try to persuade you to resolve the issue among yourselves. Remain at the accident scene and wait for the local authorities to arrive. Remember that a police report is needed when pursuing your claim, so be sure to file it immediately.

Not hiring an attorney

One of the biggest mistakes you should avoid is not hiring a skilled lawyer to help you with your claim. The legal system is a highly complicated space, so it is highly important that you’re well-represented. If you reside in North Carolina, make sure to consult with an experienced and qualified personal injury lawyer in Durham right after the pedestrian accident.

Not exchanging contact information

Without the contact details of the driver at fault and potential eyewitnesses, it will be challenging for your legal claim to progress. Unless you sustained severe injuries, ensure you get the contact information of the other party and credible bystanders. It is also ideal that you interview the witnesses while they’re still at the accident scene so they can clearly recount the incident.

Failure to seek medical treatment

Regardless of how minor your injuries are, you need to be examined by a medical professional right after the collision. Since an adrenaline rush can temporarily conceal the pain and symptoms of certain injuries, it may take days or even weeks before you feel the full extent of your injuries. Getting prompt medical assistance can prevent your hidden injuries from escalating and ensure you receive the necessary treatment.

Apologizing to the other party

Even if you feel that you caused the accident, you should never apologize or admit you’re at fault. While saying sorry might seem respectful, it can be misconstrued as an admission of guilt, which can significantly damage your claim. Be mindful of what you say, as the company can use your statements against you since their primary objective is to refute your claim or pay you as little as possible.

Not collecting evidence

Not securing evidence is another common mistake of pedestrian accident victims. Make sure to take pictures or videos of the accident scene, your injuries, the vehicle’s condition, road conditions, and other related settings that can be used as corroborating evidence. If you’re physically unable to do so, ask someone else to complete this task. The more helpful evidence you have, the higher your chances of getting a favorable result.

Navigating a pedestrian accident case can be highly stressful. Avoid making these mistakes, and remember to secure the best representation to fight for your legal rights.

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