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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Criminal Lawyer to Fight Drug Charges



What Does a Criminal Lawyer Do

What Does a Criminal Lawyer Do

Under New South Wales laws, you cannot consume, possess, produce, or traffic drugs unless you’re authorized to do so for medical reasons. There’s a lack of a hierarchy of prohibition, which means all drug substances are equally prohibited. If you’re found guilty, you may face up to 2 years of imprisonment, along with $2,200 in fines.

When faced with drug charges, you must hire a criminal lawyer such as, to represent your case. This is crucial to reduce the charges made against you or eliminate them. But how do you hire a criminal lawyer? Here are 5 questions you need to ask before hiring a criminal lawyer:

  • Who will be representing my case?

Law firms often employ more than one attorney. Therefore, when they receive a case, they decide who to handover it to. It’s often a lawyer who possesses specific expertise and has time. But it would help if you always inquired as to who will exactly be representing your case. It’s not uncommon for a case to be worked on by multiple lawyers. This is when a different level of expertise is required in a particular case. In both cases, you should personally know the lawyer(s) since you will be working with him in collaboration.

  • Expertise of the lawyer

Above all, you should learn about the lawyer’s expertise since there are multiple practice areas in law. It’s best if they have worked on drug cases similar to yours, if not exact. An inexperienced lawyer is likely to miss out on certain things that may affect your case. If you’re defending charges against you, then it’s a must he/she has defense expertise over prosecution.

  • Is there an initial consulting offered?

Initial consulting is like a free trial or a test drive. You get to gauge the competence and expertise of the law firm. This is also your chance to check whether you and the lawyer are a good fit for each other. If not, then you should consider hiring another lawyer or law firm to represent your case. Some law firms offer free initial consulting where they sit down with you and create a road map. This means that they understand your case and would do everything possible to eliminate the alleged drug charges.

  • What am I expected to do?

The criminal lawyer will take care of everything, but you must know what you’re expected to do. At times, you’ll need to travel to the court to provide testimony. Other times, you’d be required to supplement appropriate documents. The attorney will also ask certain questions that you might feel uncomfortable answering. So you must have clarity on what the lawyer wants you to do throughout the process and be prepared accordingly. 

  • What are the Fees?

Court cases come with their expenses. A majority of it will go towards paying off the attorney fees. So, ask about the charges and when they’ll be billed to you. Also, inquire about any hidden or unexpected fees.

Since cases vary, your questions will too. Before you hire a lawyer, you must write down all the questions that you’re unsure of. It’s better to get them answered before you initiate the relationship rather than in mid-way.

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